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The Gauls

Who took over Rome in 387 BC?

huge amounts of gold

What did the Romans have to give the Gauls to get them to leave the city?

As they defeated groups that attacked them they took over their land

Why did the Roman Republic grow?

legends of up to 6000 soldiers were divided into centuries or groups of 100 soldiers

How was the Roman army organized?

Roman farmers couldn't grow enough food for the growing population

Why did Rome have to import food from other parts of the mediterranean?

Romans made coins out of copper, silver and other metals

How did Romans pay for the food they imported?


Who did Rome fight in the Punic Wars?


What island did Carthage and Rome fight for?


Which general from Carthage tried to capture Rome?

war elephants

What animals did Hannibal use in battle?


How many Punic Wars were their?

Carthage was destroyed and most of its people were killed

What happened to Carthage during the third Punic War?

Romans adopted ideas about literature, art, philosophy, religion and education

What happened when Rome took over Greece?

He wanted to create farms for the poor romans

How did Tiberius try to keep the poor citizens happy to prevent rebellions?

He wanted to create farms for the poor romans

How did Gaius Gracchus try to keep the poor citizens happy to prevent rebellions?

He encouraged them to join the army

What did Gaius Marius do to help poor people?


Who won the battle between Marius's and Sulla's armies?


How many slaves did Rome execute after Spartacus was defeated?

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