P&H Written sources - Primary and Secondary


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Primary: Pliny the elder
Attributes the physical landscape of Campania and May of Naples and commercial like "Pompeiian wines are rather dangerous"
Geography and climate of Campania "A spring comes with its flowers twice a year"
primary: Strabo
Geography and Climate of Campania
Primary: Pliny the younger
Wrote to tacitus about the eruption of 79AD and to glorify his uncles deeds 'Like a pine tree" "Day turned to night"
Primary: Seneca
Earthquake of 62AD
Primary: Dio Cassius
Eruption of Vesuvius based on the account of people living around Naples and other cities of Vesuvius
Primary: Cicero
Had houses in and around Pompeii
Primary: Suetonius
Pliny the Elder had relief work undertaken by Titus after the eruption
Secondary: Andrew Wallace- Hadrill
Studied and analysed the sites - believes it should be reburied as excavation has lead to the "second death of Pompeii"
Secondary: Estelle Lazer
Studied human remians - their teeth, age, general health, height, gender
Secondary: Jaye Pont
Compilation and analysis of date in relation to red slip pottery
Secondary: Penelope Allison
Studied Pompeii wall paintings - demonstrate that current methods for establishing chronologies of Roman wall painting are unreliable and developed methodologies