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Computer Analysis Chapter 11

Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Support
Overview System Development Cycle
system development
a set of activities used to build an information system
a set of components that interact to achieve a common goal
information system
a collection of hardware, software, data, people, and procedures that work together to produce quality information
groups of system development activities
system development life cycle
system development activities
phases, users, standards
three general guideline principles for system development
representatives; proposed
System development should involve ______ from each department in which the ______ system will be used.
systems analyst
the liaison between users and IT professionals
request for system services
used to initiate a system development project
steering committee
decision-making body for the company
planning phase
begins when the steering committee receives a project request
review/approve project requests, prioritize project requests, allocate resources, project development team
four major activities of planning phase
project management
process of planning, scheduling, and then controlling the activities during system development
project scope, required activities, time estimates, cost estimates, order of activities, activities that can take place at the same time
To plan and schedule a project efficiently, the project leader identifies...
Gantt chart
a popular tool used to plan and schedule the time relationships among project activities
PERT chart
can be used for planning and scheduling time
program evaluation & review technique
analysis phase
consists of two major activities: conducting a preliminary feasibility investigation and performing detailed analysis
preliminary feasibility investigation
determines and defines the exact nature of the problem or improvement, interview the user who submitted the request, determine if request is feasible
detailed analysis
study how the current system works, determine the users' wants, needs and requirements, recommend a solution
logical design
Detailed analysis is also known as...
a measure of how suitable the development of a system will be to the organization
process modeling
an analysis and design technique that describes processes that transform inputs into outputs, helps to convey what the system presently does and what changes are being requested
data flow diagrams
another name for process modeling
general term for diagram techniques
general term for the output of various techniques
tool that graphically shows flow of data in system
data flow diagram
entity-relationship diagram
a tool that graphically shows the connections among entities in a system
objects in the system that have data
project dictionary
contains all the documentation and deliverables of a project
structured English
a style of writing that describes the steps in a process
decision table
a table that lists a variety of conditions and the actions that correspond to each condition
decision tree
shows conditions and actions graphically
data dictionary
stores the data item's name, description, and other details about each data item
object modeling
combines the data with the processes that act on that data into a single unit
single unit where data and processes are combined during encapsulation
process of combining data with processes that act on that data into a single unit
unified modeling language
standard notation for object modeling and development
UML includes ___ different diagrams.
use case, class
two primary UML diagrams
use case diagram
graphically shows how actors (users) interact with the information system, diagrams are easy to understand
class diagram
graphically shows classes and subclasses in a system
one or more
In a class diagram, each class can have _____ subclasses.
In class diagram, subclasses use ______ to inherit methods and attributes of higher levels.
system proposal, feasibility report
assesses the feasibility of each alternative solution
design phase
consists of two major activities: acquire hardware and software, develop all of the details of the new or modified information system
physical design
develop detailed design specifications
working model of a proposed system
inadequate; missing
Prototypes have _____ or _____ documentation.
Users tend to ______ the prototype as a final system.
computer-aided software engineering
designed to support one or more activities of system development
design inspection
a formal review of any system development individual deliverables
structured walkthrough
end of design phase, to be sure comprehensive design is correct