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Business Communication final chapter 7

The bad feelings associated with disappointing news can generally be reduced if the reader knows the reasons for the rejection and
the bad news is revealed with sensitivity.
Using an indirect strategy to write negative messages shows that the write
cares about how the message will affect the receiver and save their relationship.
Using the indirect pattern to prepare the reader in a bad-news message
enables you to keep the reader's attention until you have been able to explain the reasons for the bad news.
Which of the following is the most important part of a negative message?
An explanation of the reasons for the bad news that provides for a clear understanding
The recommended order for messages that deliver bad news is
buffer, reasons, bad news, goodwill closing.
The buffer in a bad news message is
a neutral but meaningful statement that encourages the receiver to continue reading.
Which of the following is the best advice to follow when explaining bad news?
Give an explanation of the causes before disclosing bad news.
When should the direct pattern be used to communicate bad news?
When firmness is necessary and the receiver may overlook it
The direct pattern, with the bad news first, may be appropriate in which of these situations?
Your company no longer wants to do business with the customer and goodwill is not an issue.
Garth must send a bad-news message to a client, telling her that he will be unable to meet a delivery deadline. What should Garth do first?
Analyze the bad news to see how it will affect his reader so that what is said is what he intends.
To be actionable, abusive language must be
false, harmful to the person's good name, and "published."
The legal term for any false statement that harms an individual's reputation is
When you write abusive language that harms a person's reputation, it is called
As the marketplace becomes increasingly litigious, we must be certain that our words
communicate only what we intend.
In business messages we avoid careless language. Careless language
includes statements that could be damaging or misinterpreted.
After a candidate's recent interview, you are writing a letter to decline to offer a position with your organization. Which of the following most effectively delivers the bad news?
Although this position was not awarded to you, we appreciate your interest in working for our organization.
In revealing bad news, you can make statements to soften the blow, but you must avoid
misrepresenting your organization with statements that are legally dangerous.
Pearl Bowe, R.D., is declining an invitation to speak about the health benefits of juice bars at the fall conference of the Health and Fitness Trainers Association (HAFTA). Which of the following is the most effective buffer?
HAFTA members will benefit from learning more about the health impacts of juice bars installed in health clubs.
Which of the following techniques would be most effective in buffering bad news?
Starting with the part of the message that represents the best news and a natural transition.
You must decline an employee's request to telecommute three days per week. Which of the following is the best explanation?
Your daily presence in the office is important to ensure regular customer contact
Carah must write to a charitable organization to say that BCI Technologies cannot make a monetary contribution this year. Which of the following most effectively implies the refusal?
Although our profits are being reinvested in BCI Technologies this year, we hope to be able to contribute next year.
You must announce to employees that the fitness center will now be closed on weekends. Which of the following uses passive-voice verbs to deliver the bad news?
The employee fitness center will be closed on weekends.
You are writing a refusal letter to Jenna, who recently interviewed for a job. Which of the following is the best closing?
We wish you all the best in your job search.
Which of the following would best refuse a customer claim?
Although a full refund cannot be issued because the warranty period has elapsed, we would be happy to repair your watch for a nominal fee.
Which of the following explanations is most effective when justifying bad news to a customer?
Federal law requires that payments be made by check.
You are writing a memo to employees announcing the loss of free parking. Which of the following would be the best closing sentence in this bad-news memo to employees?
If you would like to sign up for our ride-sharing program to save on parking expenses, please see the receptionist.
Which of the following statements about the ethics of delivering bad news is most accurate?
The indirect strategy is unethical only if the writer intends to deceive the reader.