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Anthropology chapter 9,10,11


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Marriage and Family
The concepts of marriage and Family are universal
family 4 parts
Economic Cooperation, raising children, common residence, marriage
Ideal of marriage is usually permanent a socially and sexually legitimate union
Mate Selection Theories
Incest Taboo, Inbreeding Theory, Natural aversion Theory, Family Disruption Theory (Malonowski functionalism) and Theory of expanding social alliances
A rule requiring marriage outside of ones own social or kinship group
must marry within a particular group, a. arranged marriages
b. preferential cousin marriage. example: Class, Clan, Ehnicity, religion and race
Natural Aversion
that there is a natural aversion (connection, genetic) to have sexual intercourse with those who you have grown up with. Or have been raised with.
Inbreeding Theory
is the explanation of the existences of the incest taboo and the potentially harmful effects of inbreeding on the family. the theory proposes that mating between close kin who are likely to carry the same harmful recessive genes to to produce a higher incidence of genetic defects. resulting in increased susceptibility to disease and higher mortality rates.
family disruption theory
This theory holds that mating between a mother and son, father and daughter, brother and sister would create such intense jealousies within the family, it would create a non functional family unit of economic coperaton and socialization. Family roles would be disrupted.
Role ambiguity
confusion about how one is expected to behave within the family unit. ones role: Ex mothers role, daughters role, sons role and fathers role.
Theory of Expanding Social alliances
Marriage outside the family unit. Incest avoidance: to marry out of their immediate family the incest taboo functions to create a wider network of inter family alliances . it enhances cooperation, social cohesion and survival. Each time on of your close relatives mates with a person from antoher family it creates a new set of relationships
arranged marriage
a marriage in which the selection of the spouse is outside te control of the bride and groom.. arrange by both parents or immediate family
preferential cousin marriage
a preferred form of marriage between either parallel or cross cousins
cross cousins
children of ones mothers brother or father sister
parallel cousin
children of ones mothers sister or fathers brother