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James 1

nature of temptation
doers of the Word

James 2

faith and works

James 3

the tongue
two kinds of wisdom

James 4

friend of the world = enemy of God
uncertainty of life

James 5

rich condemned
power of prayer

I Peter 1

our inheritance and salvation

I Peter 2

Christ the living cornerstone

I Peter 3

relation of husband and wife
suffer for well-doing

I Peter 4

former life as Gentiles
rejoice in suffering

I Peter 5

Chief Shepherd will appear

II Peter 1

growth in grace
certainty of prophecy

II Peter 2

warning from Old Testament sinners

II Peter 3

certainty of Second Coming
earth renovated by fire

I John 1

walk in the light

I John 2

Christians keep God's commandments

I John 3

sin not

I John 4

try the spirits
no fear in love

I John 5

faith overcomes the world

II John

separation from false teachers

III John



contend for the faith

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