21 terms

James - Jude

James 1
nature of temptation
doers of the Word
James 2
faith and works
James 3
the tongue
two kinds of wisdom
James 4
friend of the world = enemy of God
uncertainty of life
James 5
rich condemned
power of prayer
I Peter 1
our inheritance and salvation
I Peter 2
Christ the living cornerstone
I Peter 3
relation of husband and wife
suffer for well-doing
I Peter 4
former life as Gentiles
rejoice in suffering
I Peter 5
Chief Shepherd will appear
II Peter 1
growth in grace
certainty of prophecy
II Peter 2
warning from Old Testament sinners
II Peter 3
certainty of Second Coming
earth renovated by fire
I John 1
walk in the light
I John 2
Christians keep God's commandments
I John 3
sin not
I John 4
try the spirits
no fear in love
I John 5
faith overcomes the world
II John
separation from false teachers
III John
contend for the faith