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ESL pod 752 Working With Unreliable People

Loïc Sebenello
to hold up
to delay; to make something happen later than originally planned; to
not complete something when it should have been finished
annual report
a written document produced once each year that shares
information about a company's financial status and achievements during the past
(one's) head is going to roll
for someone to be punished for one's actions,
especially by being fired
in a lurch
with a major problem; in a very difficult situation
to drop the ball
to be unreliable; to not do what one is supposed to do; to be
to cover for (someone)
to lie or act a certain way to protect another person so
that he or she doesn't get in trouble for what he or she has or has not done
the patience of a saint
with a lot of patience; never in a hurry; always willing to
wait to do or have something, much more than other people
a person who is very unreliable and does not do what he or she is
supposed to do
beats me
an informal phrase used when one does not have an answer to
another person's question; I don't know
in for
expecting or deserving to have or do something
in charge
responsible for a project or group; with decision-making power over
a project, program, or team
to light a fire under (someone)
to do or say something to motivate a person;
to do or say something that makes someone do something, especially if he or
she is very lazy and was not going to do that thing alone even though he or she
to keep on (someone)
to nag; to bother someone repeatedly to make sure he
or she does what needs to be done; to remind someone about something many
a saying; an excuse; one sentence, especially one that is common and
used by many people
a trip down memory lane
time spent remembering what happened in the past
not rude; using kind, nice words that are appropriate for the place and