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Pre-american revolution

A war between The French and English to gain more land and power. The English won. from 1764 to 1760.
The french and Indian war
A line on the Appalachian Mountains. The English colonists were not allowed to live on the land of the other side of the mountains.
Proclamation of 1763
Colonists had to buy a stamp for ANY piece of paper they bought.
Stamp act 1765
The colonists had to let the soldiers stay in their houses and provide them with bedding foods and drinks.
The quartering act 1765
The government taxed almost everything, including: glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea.
Townshend acts 1767
A group of patriots threw snow/ice balls to the British soldiers. The British soldiers fired into the angry mob to protect themsleves and killed 5 people.
The Boston Massacre
All the Taxes have been appealed, except for the tax on tea. Many decided to boycott English tea.
the tea act 1773
A group of colonists threw English tea over board in the Boston harbor.
Boston tea party 1773
This was a response to the Boston tea party. It says that all the colonists had to pay back the tea, let the soldiers stay in their houses, all town hall meeting were banned and more.
The Intolerable acts 1774
12 out of the 13 colonies send a total of fifty six people from the colony to talk about boycotting British goods with the other Colonies.
The 1st continental congress 1774
The rebels stole the British weapons and the British went to go look for them. The colonists tried to stand up for their colony but the first shot was fired " the shot hear around the world". The war began.
Lexington and concord.