Unit 8 Invertebrates Review

38 terms by capt10

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Phylum for pore-bearers like sponges


Phylum for stinging cells organisms like jellyfish and corals


Phylum for flat worms like planarians and tapeworms


Phylum for round worms like pin, heart, and flaria


Phylum for segmented worms like leeches and earthworms


Phylum for soft bodied organisms like scallops, oysters, clams, octopus, squid and snails.


Phylum of organisms with exoskeleton made of chitin and jointed appendages like spiders, centipedes and insects


Phylum of spiny skin organisms like sea stars, sea urchins and sand dollars

multicellular, heterotrophic,
eukaryotic no, cell walls

List four characteristics all animals have in common.


An animal with a body cavity partially lined with mesoderm is termed a _____.


The support structure for animals is called the _____.


Maintaining a stable internal environment is called _____________.


Budding is a type of ___________ reproduction.


During embryonic development, the hollow ball of cells of an embryo is called a ________________.

nervous, epithelial, muscle, connective

What are the four types of animal tissue?


What germ layer in an animal embryo gives rise to muscles, circulatory, reproductive and excretory systems?

book lungs

Terrestrial invertebrates use mantle cavities, tracheal tubes and ________ as respiratory structures


Name an example of an invertebrate the has a body covering that allows for gas exchange?


Jellyfish have what type of symmetry?

filter feeders

Animals which strain plants and animals from the water are called ______________.

decaying plant and animal remains

Detritis feeders like mollusks feed on ______.


A ___________ circulatory system means the blood travels through vessels

malphighian tubules

Many insects like butterflies convert ammonia waste to uric acid in their _____________.

flame cells

Fresh water flat worms like planarians use __________ to remove excess water from body fluids.


Arthropods grow by _______________.

compound eyes

Insects have ______________ eyes which detect colors and images.


Having both sex organs at the same time means the organism is a


_____________ undergo internal fertilization when sperm is taken into the body from the surrounding water.


Organisms with __________reproduction must have a stable environmental conditions

incomplete metamorphosis

Egg, nymph (small adult-like), adult is an example of __________________.


The worm-like stage in complete metamorphosis is called _____________.


The union of an egg and sperm.


The process of a blastula folding inward creating three germ cell layers.


The outer layer of cells that makes sense organs, nerves and outer skin.


The inner layer of germ cells that make the gastro-intestinal tract and respiratory system.


Animals with no body cavity are called


Animals with a true body cavity are called

bilateral symmetry

has top, bottom, left and right sides...example grasshopper

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