Q4_2e Unit 6 Listening 1


Terms in this set (...)

advancement (n.)
progress or development in your job, level of knowledge
attitude (n.)
the opinions and feelings that you usually have about something
career path (n.)
the way that you ​progress in your ​work, either in one ​job or in a ​series of ​jobs
climb the ladder (phr.)
move up within an organization, profession, or society
count on (phr. v.)
to depend on someone or something, especially in a difficult situation
currently (adv.)
at the present time
devote (v.)
to use a particular area, period of time, or amount of space for a specific purpose
loyal (adj.)
always supporting your friends, principles, country, etc.
model (n.)
a system or thing used as an example to follow
radically (adv.)
extremely, very
stable (adj.)
steady and not likely to move or change
structure (n.)
the way in which the parts of something are connected with each other and form a whole, or the thing that these parts make up