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20 terms

Extensive Reading Ch.007

adj 배타적인, 독점적인
reserved for certain people only
The party was exclusive to those who were invited.
v "(일을)쉽게하다, 촉진하다"
"to help or assist someone (syn. assist /ant. hinder) "
"We need to raise funds to facilitate the start-up of the business."
n 동일함, 일치
the awareness of who you are
"Adolescence is a confusing time as you are trying to
figure out your identity and your place in the world."
adj 절대필요한
"very important; necessary (syn. vital, integral / ant. superfluous) "
The engine is an integral part of a car.
adj 적절한, 상대적인
"important; of consequence (syn. useful / ant. irrelevant) " "There are two main factors that are relevant to the geologist: pressure and time."
n 신화
"a body or system of myths concerning a particular person or race"
"Greek and Roman mythology was created to explain certain human flaws and supernatural occurrences. "
n 작업장, 연습실
a place for painting, broadcasting, etc.. The painter worked all night in his studio.
n 명상, 숙고
view or reflect upon attention
"I was in deep contemplation when the professor asked a difficult philosophical question."
v 숭배하다, 경외하다
regard with deepest respect and awe As a Christian, I deeply revere God.
n 영성, 영적임
pertain to the soul or spirit
"When it comes to religion, one must be attuned to their own spirituality."
v 맘껏 즐기다
to entertain lavishly or agreeably
The king regaled his guests at the party.
n 어린시절
the state or period of being a child
"My childhood was full of wonderful memories of trips to the park."
n 민속, 민속학
the traditional beliefs, legends The story of Paul Bunyan is folklore.
n 호감, 공감
"a natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing, idea" "The parasite had an affinity to water as it flourished in it."
v 공동기금을 모으다
To put into a fund for use by all
"We all pooled our money together so we could buy her a new purse."
n 재생, 부활
an awakening
"The revival of the church in the 1970s continues strong today."
n 아는 사람
"a person known to one, but usually not a close friend"
"I'm not really familiar with that person. He is just an acquaintance."
n 상원의원, 정치가
"title of respect accorded a person who is or has been a member of the Senate"
"The Texas Senator came to our school to discuss politics with us."
adj 세속적인
of or pertaining to worldly things
"The government is supposed to maintain a secular world view."
n 정신, 마음
the incorporeal part of humans
"Many religions emphasize the immortal characteristic of the human spirit."