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Second Continental Congress

Met in Philadelphia three weeks after the battles of Lexington and Concord. Delegates from all colonies, except Georgia, who had not yet sent a representative, met and agreed to support the war, although they did not agree with the purpose of it. There were two sides, at one extreme was a group led by John and Samuel Adams, Richard Henry Lee, and others, these people had already favored independence and wanted to gain it from the war. At the other end of the extreme was a group led by such moderates like John Dickinson who hoped for a quick reconciliation with Great Britian.

Richard Henry Lee

A man from Virginia, who was a leader of one of the sides of the Second Continental Congress. The side that he led was for independence and hoped to gain it from the war.

John Dickinson

A man from Pennsylvania that led one end of the extreme at the Second Continental Congress. He led a group of moderates, much like himself, that hoped for a quick reconciliation with Great Britian.

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