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ch. 15 (eye & ear)

what is the HCPCS level 2 modifier for lower left eyelid?
what is the HCPCS level 2 modifier for upper right eyelid?
black opening in the center of the iris that permits light to enter the eye is the?
The lens is a clear, flexible, curved structure that focuses images on the ___________, which contains ________ tissue
retina; nerve
An exenteration of the orbit includes the removal of orbital contents and may also include removal of?
removal of bone, muscle, &/or myocutaneous flap
When the eyelid is repaired report a code from the ________________ area of the Eyelids subheading
When an exenteration of the orbit is performed in addition to a repair of eyelid, what do you report?
report a code from the Reconstruction of Eyelids subheading; in addition to the exenteration of the orbit code
Most foreign vodies of the eye are located in what two parts of the eye?
cornea & conjunctiva
Codes 65270-65290 are reported for laceration repairs of ocular structures. The repair of a laceration includes use of a _________ flap & _______________ of anterior chamber by air or ________ injection
conjunctival; restoration; saline
Anterior segment surgery codes are reported for procedures on the anterior segment of the eye, which includes what 2-3 "C" words?
cornea, anterior chamber, ciliary body
Anterior segment surgery codes are reported for procedures on the anterior segment of the eye, which includes what 2 "A" words?
anterior chamber, anterior sclera
The iris is near or surrounding what & is what shape & color?
near the pupil, is circular shape, and ranges in colors
clouded lens is
For cataracts, what is removal of lens & surrounding capsule?
(ICCE) intracapsular cataract extraction
For cataracts, what is removal of lens and anterior portion of capsule?
(ECCE) extracapsular cataract extraction
The lens is located behind what & looks like?
its behind the pupil & looks like an oval shaped glass disk
what does (IOL) stand for?
intraocular lens
An iridectomy, trabulectomy, and anterior vitrectomy may also be performed during the same operative session as what? & are the -ectomys reported separately?
cataract removal; no there not reported separately, its integral
A patient presents with a cataract & evidence of glaucoma, left eye. Trabulectomy is performed on August 15 as treatment of the glaucoma. Extracapsular cataract extraction with insertion of IOL prosthesis is performed on Aug 30th as treatment for the cataract; what do uou report?
report code for the trabulectomy on AUG 15 & the ECCE with IOL on AUG 30, because the procedures for 2 separate reasons
The vitreous is the?
the body, whole surface of the eye
The retina is a part of the ____________ segment of the eye.
The eyelashes are a part of the ocular__________ part of the eye.
what is a mucous membrane that lines the underside of each eyelid & forms a protective covering over the exposed surface
what is the medical term for improperly aligned eyes, such as cross-eyes?
Use of operating microscope is not required separately because it is considered an essential part of which type of procedures?
eye and ocular adnexa procedures
when a subconjunctival injection with a local anesthetic is performed as part of a more extensive anesthetic procedure, do you report both?
do not separately code & report the injection procedure
when a conjunctivoplasty is performed with an excision/destruction, do you report both?
no, an incision/drainage, exicision &/or destruction, and injection of conjunctiva; are all included in conjunctivoplasty codes
The lacrimal puncta is small openings in the inner canthus of eyelids that channel tears. There are 2 puncta in each eye, when all puncta in both eyes are treated (4), do you report a code for each puncta treatment?
yes, report codes 68705 & 68760-1 4 times
what is cerumen?
the surgical incision of the tympanic membrane is?
myringotomy or tympanostomy
a tympanoplasty is?
the repair or reconstruction of the eardrum or tympanic membrane
The shell shape structure in the inner ear is the?
a common procedure performed to repair facial nerve damage is ____ _____ ________ which is used to treat symptoms of ? ____ _____
total nerve decompression, bell's palsy