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Are You Blessed?

Take this quiz to see if you really are unlucky. Many people are much worse off, come and see.
are you really unlucky?
Everyone has had bad days, yet everyone has had something good in at least one day of their lives. If you answer yes to these questions you are better off than most of the world.
Do you have a roof over your head?
Many people do not have homes, or good ones anyway. Many people live on the streets, in boxes or other makeshift shelters.
Do you get at least one meal a day?
A child dies every 12 seconds from hunger related causes.
Do you have someone to take care of you?
Many children do not have parents, that have died from HIV or AIDS. Many of these children have no where to go so they go on the street. Many are kidnapped, killed, starved, sick, injured, or lost their innocence. (kinder way to put it)
Are you educated?
Many people in the world (including adults to all these questions) cannot even spell their own name, better yet count.
Do you have a place to go when you are sick, or injured?
Many people have to go without medical care. Many die because of this.
Do you have parents?
Many people all across the globe do not have parents, know who they are, or are only raised by one. Some children are raised by other friends or relatives because the parents are unfit to take care of them.
Has someone ever told you they loved you?
Many people feel unloved, but some have never been told that they are. Some just live alone, or are in a nursing home. We can improve all these situations. We must take a stand!
Are you allowed to believe what you want?
Many people are told what they are going to believe in, otherwise they will be killed, or someone they love will be, or all of that together.
Do you have more than one pair of clothes?
Many people do not have more than one pair of clothes. Look at pictures of people all over, some are only wearing a torn up old dirty t-shirt.
Are you able to choose what you want to wear?
In some parts of the globe, you have to wear what you are told. A story to use as an example (true story). A girl was in her backyard and they had a high fence. The girl had taken off her headpiece and the neighbor looked over and saw her. Her father told her brother to go in the backyard and kill her. He had to do as his father said, so she was killed because she showed her face.
What can you do with a dollar?
A dollar can feed a child for a day. Even fifty cents or a quarter or any money can help. A dollar that could buy you something to drink, could save a life.
I have no money, how can I help?
You can hold a carwash, earn money. You can volunteer to help someone, even at a soup kitchen. You can suggest something like the thirty hour famine at your church.
What else can I do to help?
Their are so many things for you to do. Go to
freerice.com, many other websites and clubs can help. With free rice every question you answer (educational and fun) organizations will donate 10 grains of rice to end world hunger.
From what data has been given to me
puppiesrcute- 11,460 grains of rice

anybody else, post how much you did in the chat box, be honest please