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PowerPoint 2010 Ch. 1 Lessons 1-3 Vocabulary


a set of slides or handouts that contains information you want to convey to an audience

normal view

powerpoint's default view that displays the slide pane, the notes pane, and the slides/outline pane


designated areas in powerpoint layouts that can be used to easily insert text, graphics, or multimedia objects

slide layout

prearranged sets of placeholders for various types of slide content


formatting feature that applies a background, colors, fonts, and effects to all slides in a presentation

active slide

the slide currently selected or displayed


printed copies of the presentation for the audience to refer to during and after the slide show

landscape orientation

a slide or printout is wider than it is tall

portrait orientation

a slide or printout is taller than it is wide


an area at the bottom of a slide in which you can enter a date, slide number, or other information


an area at the top of a slide in which you can enter a date or other information that repeats for each page

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