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North American Free Trade Agreement

NAFTA an alliance that merges canada, mexico and the united states into a single market.

Iran-contra Scandal

Reagan sent money to the Contra's in Nicaragua with the money he got for selling arms to Iran.

Tiananmen Square

Site in Beijing where Chinese students and workers gathered to demand greater political openness in 1989. The demonstration was crushed by Chinese military with many deaths.


More open in free speech and press in the Soviet Union.


A policy of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to revitalize the Soviet economy by opening it up to more free enterprise


Laws in South Africa that physically separated different races into different geographic areas.

Gulf War

A war fought between a coalition led by the United States and Iraq to free Kuwait from Iraqi invaders.

S & L crisis and bailout

Savings and loans. market crash. US had insured deposited money and had to pay 160 billion in bailout.

Exxon Valdez

Oil tanker that crashed in March 1989, considered largest U. S. oil spill, emptied 35,000 tons of oil into Prince William Sound. brought environmental issues to the public.

Baltic Republics

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. turned to democracy after the fall of the communism lead by the soviet union.

Muammar El-Qaddafi

Dictator of Libya. Fought against the US. was a bad guy., Became a prominent figure in state sponsorship of international terrorism during the 1980s.

Manuel Noriega

Panama leader who was overthrown in a 1989 US invasion; Tried and imprisoned for drug trafficking.

H Ross Perot

Ran for president. was a against the gulf war. Billionaire who ran in the 1992 election agaisnt Clinton and Bush as an independent. Wanted to end deficit spending.

Mikhail Gorbachev

Last leader of communist Russia. helped bring the cold war to an end. Major reforms to the Soviet Union.

Boris Yeltsin

Promised to turn Russia into a free economy. President of the Russian Republic in 1991. Helped end the USSR and force Gorbachev to resign.

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