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Spanish - The Spanish colonization of the Americas was initiated by Spanish conquistadors and developed by the Monarchy of Spain. Goals of the Spanish colonization were trade and spreading Christianity by gaining political rule. They soughts profit through trade and exploration in the America's and they knew the natives were important to their success. They even fought against the mistreatment toward the indians by the Europeans. They intermarried with natives.

French - France founded colonies in much of eastern North America, Most colonies were developed to export products such as fish, sugar, and furs. The French were Catholic and their missionaries did not insist that the Native Indians learn to read and write so they could then read the Bible. Nor did they insist that the Native Indians forsake their own belief systems in order that they then adopt Christianity. They had economical and political relationships with the indian's. Some french even married indian women. They also depended on the native americans for survival.

Dutch - Dutch settling in the new lands, was not as common as with other European nations. Many of the Dutch settlements were lost or abandoned by the end of the 17th century. Their only settlement in North America was that of New Amsterdam, occupying Manhattan Island, and sending branch hamlets up the Hudson and to the shores of Long Island Sound and the South or Delaware River. When the Dutch arrived in America the tribes composing the Five Nations were at war with the Algonquin or Canada Indians. In their short time in America they were primarily interested in trade and decided to tolerate the indians. They were uninterested in learning about the indians and their culture. But unlike the Europeans they never questioned whether Dutch culture was richer, stronger, more developed, or closer to God than the indians.

British - British goals in the new world were to increase England's territorial dominance and to enrich themselves.Many people also went to the americas for things such as religious freedom. Britain wanted the indians gone, and when they tried to strip them of their land the indians resisted. The British had no respect or kindness for the Native Americans of the New World. Far from respecting the Native Americans right to land, freedom, and health the British did not even recognize the Native Americans as people. They fought many wars against each other and the british killed of almost the entire native american population with diseases, slavery, and war.