chapter 5 spelling

20 terms by paigedupont

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Rinne rest

using the tuning fork

acute pharygitis

inflammation of the pharynx


common cold

valsalva maneuver

forcing air up while blowing out with nose and mouth closed


involuntary movement of the eye


abnormal widening or ballooning

Romberg test

test for drunken driving
to evaluate the integrity of dorsal columns of the spinal cord

serous gland

secrets watery substance


unequal equilibrium

allergic rhinitis

reoccurring seasonal allergy


nose bleed

otitis media

inflammation of the middle ear


consisting of puss


used to examine body cavity's


plugging of an orifice with a dense mass of ...


type of measurement


test the mobility of the tympanic membrane


ringing in the ear

Weber test

Hearing test


the feeling of discomfort

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