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Presidents: George Washington-George H.W. Bush


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Who was the only president that was unanimously voted by the electoral college?
George Washington
Who's wife's name was Martha?
George Washington
Who's house was named Mt. Vernon and where was it? (separate with a semicolon presidents name; state)
George Washington; Virginia
Who fought in the French and Indian war and was head of the Revolutionary War?
George Washington
Who is the Father of our country?
George Washington
Who was the president at the constitutional convention?
George Washington
Who starts the 2 term tradition?
george washington
Which president did not go to college? (she specifically told us this one)
george washington
Who was the first VP of the US?
john adams
who had a successful marriage with his wife? What was her name? (president; wife's name)
John adams; Abigail
where did John adams go to college?
who created the Alien and Sedition Acts?
John Adams
What is the Alien Act?
it makes it ok to deport aliens back to their home country if we thought they were dangerous
What is the Sedition Act?
it makes it a crime to publish false, scandalous, or malicious writings about the US
which 2 presidents died on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence? what date? Who died first? (1st to die, 2nd to die, date)
Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, July 4, 1826
What were John Adam's last words?
thomas jefferson still survives
where did Thomas Jefferson go to college?
William and Mary college
who founded the University of Virginia?
Thomas Jefferson
who sells and donates over 6,000 books to library of congress?
thomas jefferson
who's home is Monticello?
thomas jefferson
who purchases louisiana territory? from who? what year? how much money? (president; country; year; $$)
thomas jefferson; france; 1803; $15 million
who sends Lewis and Clark on their journey?
thomas jefferson
who was the father of the virginia plan?
james madison
who was the father of our constitution?
james madison
which president was one of the publious authors?
james madison
who presents the bill of rights at the first congress?
james madison
who was president during the war of 1812? against who? why? (president, country, reason)
james madison, england, they were stopping our ships
who is james madison's wife? what did she do? (name; what she did)
Dally Madison; saved picture of Washington
who created the monroe doctrine? wawht did it state? (president; 3 things it stated separated by commas)
james monroe; told all of europe to stay out of the western hemisphere to colonize, said that the US would consider colonization a threat to our security, we will stay out of european business unless it effects us
who liked swimming naked in the Potomac River?
John Quincy Adams
who was the 1st president that did not win the popular vote but became president?
John quincy adams
who spent a lot of time in europe when he was a child?
john quincy adams
Name the first 6 presidents in order.
George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams
who was the general in the war of 1812?
Andrew Jackson
who was president during the nullification crisis?
Andrew jackson
what was the nullification crisis?
south carolina said that they could ignore any law that they did not like so we threatened south carolina with national troops and they backed down
who was the first president to die in office?
william henri harrison
who gave the longest inauguration speech?
william henri harrison
how long was william henri harrison in office?
about 1 month
who married a woman 30 years younger than him?
John tyler
who had 15 kids?
john tyler
who was the first VP to move up to the presidency?
john tyler
what is manifest destiny?
the fate to have land from one coast to the other
who believed in manifest destiny?
james polk
who bought california and new mexico?
james polk
who was the 16th president?
abraham lincoln
which president was born in a log cabin? what year? what state? (president; year; state)
abraham lincoln; 1809; Kentucky
which president was self educated?
abraham lincoln
who was 6 ft. 4 in. tall?
abraham lincoln
who was abraham lincoln's wife? what happened to her? (name; what happened)
Mary Todd Lincoln; eventually committed to a mental institution
where was the 1st battle of the Civil war? when? (place; date)
Ft. Sumter, South Carolina; april 12, 1861
what were the first states to breakaway from the US? how many? (number: names)
7: south carolina, alabama, georgia, florida, louisiana, mississippi, and texas
what was the total number of states in the confederacy?
who was president during civil war?
abraham lincoln
who was the general for the north in civil war?
ulysses s grant
who was the president of the confederacy during the civil war?
jefferson davis
who was general of the south during civil war?
robert e. lee
what did the emancipation proclamation say? when was it? (date; what it said)
january 1, 1863; it frees the slaves in the confederacy and says that he never viewed the US as 2 separate countries
what was the gettysburg address? when was it? where was it? (date, place, what it was)
November 1863, gettysburg pennsylvania, it states the fact that 45-50 thousand people were killed or injured during the battle also said that he anted a government of the people by the people for the people
when was lincoln assassinated? by who? where? (time period, person, place)
a few days after the civil war ends, John Wilkes Booth, Ford's Theater
what does john wilkes booth say and what does it mean?
Sic Semper Tyrannis the south is avenged: thus always to tyrants the south is avenged
where was lincoln taken after being shot?
Peterson house (where he died the next morning)
who was lincoln's vp?
andrew johnson
who had a "rocky relationship" with congress over reconstruction of the US after civil war?
andrew johnson
which 2 laws did congress pass designed to limit a presidents power?
Commander of Army Act, Tenure of Office Act
what is the command of army act
forced president to issue all military orders through general of army who could not be removed without senate approval
what is the tenure of office act?
president could not fire any federal official who had gotten their job with senate approval
who does andrew johnson fire that gets him impeached?
the secretary of war stanton
what was the result of the senate trial for andrew johnson's impeachment?
35 guilty, 19 not guilty (needed 1 more guilty to be thrown out of office)
what was "seward's folly"?
the secretary of state: william seward purchased land that was considered a "joke" (paid 7.2 million dollares for it from russia) (now called alaska)
why did james garfield get shot?
a person wanted a job in the government so he shoots garfield (he doesn't get the job)
who was president # 22 and #24?
Grover Cleveland
who was president during the Spanish American WAr?
William McKinley (we get Guam, Phillippines, Midway Island, and Puerto Rico
who was Mckinley's VP?
teddy roosevelt
who was the youngest man to ever be president?
teddy roosevelt
who was a part of the elite fighting group: rough riders?
teddy roosevelt
which president wins the nobel peace prize for making peace between russia and japan?
teddy roosevelt
what was teddy roosevelt's motto?
speak softly and carry a big stick
who creates the Panama Canal
teddy roosevelt
fattest president
william howard taft
who was the chief justice of the supreme court?
william howard taft
who was president during WWI
woodrow wilson
how long was WWI? how many people killed? when did the US get involved? Which side was the US on? What was the other side? why did we get involved? (# of yrs, start-end yrs, # ppl killed, month and yr US gets involved, countries on same side as US; countries on other side, reason)
4, 1914-1918, 15 million people killed, April 1917, France Russia; Germany Hungary, Turkey, Germany kept attacking our ships
who created 14 points?
woodrow wilson
what were 2 points of the fourteen points?
to create a league of nations to make peace with other countries without violence, believed people/countries should have freedom to navigate seas without interference
why does the league of nations fail?
we did not join!
What happens to Woodrow Wilson?
he has a stroke and his wife "runs the country"
why did woodrow wilson win the nobel peace prize?
for the fourteen points
who marries his 5th cousin? Name?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, eleanor
which president gets polio?
franlkin delano roosevelt
who was elected to 4 terms of office? years?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, '32 '36 '40 '44 (1932-1948)
what does franklin delano roosevelt die of?
a stroke
who said: the only thing we have to fear is fear itself
franklin delano roosevelt (result of the Great Depression)
What percent of ppl were unemployed?
New Deal:
hire ppl to work for National Gov.
Social security:
manditory retirement plan, now includes survivor, disability and retire benefits, 7% of income, run by national gov.
Banking Holiday
closed banks to stop run on banks
federal deposit insurance cooperation; fed. gov. guards your money at bank
WWII started when? how? when did we get involved?
september 1, 1939, germany attacts poland, pearl harbor attack on december 7, 1941 (a date that will live in infamy)
when does FDR die?
a short time into his 4th term
who was FDR's VP?
Harry S Truman
Who's middle name was S?
Harry Truman
who was president during WWII?
FDR and Truman
who bombed Japan with nuclear weapons? where?
harry s truman, hiroshima and nagasaki
what was the enola gay?
the airplane used to drop bombs on Japan
when was the United Nations formed? where? why?
during harry truman presidency, NYC, to resolve differences peacefully
Truman Doctrine:
US prepared to send money, military support to countries that want to resist communism
North Atlantic treaty Organization (formed as a protection club against the Russians)
how long were we dropping food supplies to friends in west berlin?
almost a year
the buck stops here
truman, takes responsibility for everything
WWII commander in charge of Europe for the allies
Dwight David Eisenhower
who builds the interstate highway system?
Who's grandson was Camp David named after?
which side of the Korean war did we take?
who was the only catholic president?
who was the youngest elected president?
Bay of Pigs
failed attempt by Cuban exiles to overthrow Castro (trained by US military) they landed in bay of pigs
where was John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassinated? by who?
Dallas, Texas, Lee Harvey Oswald
What was the name of the film of JFK's Assassination?
Zapruder film
who was JFK's VP?
Lyndon B. Johnson
who gets a lot of bills passed involving civil rights?
Lyndon Johnson
who was the only president to resign
Richard Nixon
Watergate Scandal:
committee to reelect president, illegally enter Democratic National Headquarters to spy on Nixon's opponent located in Watergate office complex (the burglars were arrested: eventually linked back to president's election committee)
who was nixon's vp?
Gerald Ford
who was the only man to be president without being elected to either the VP sport or presidency
who pardons nixon for all crimes committed?
who promises to bring integrity back to gov after watergate scandal?
jimmy carter
who used to be a peanut farmer?
Iran Hostage Crisis:
444 days, rescue attempt fails, yellow ribbons
who won the nobel peace prize for making peace between isreal and egypt?
who was the oldest elected president?
Ronald Reagan (2nd time: 73 yrs)
Reagan Assassination Attempt by: why?
John Hinkley Jr. because he anted to impress the actress Jodie Foster
who gets alzheimers and forgets that he was president?
who was the former ambassador to china
George Herbert Walker Bush
who was the former head of the CIA?
George H.W. Bush
Persian Gulf War:
military name: Desert Storm, Iraq invades Kuwait, Coalition of nations push Iraq out of Kuwait, very few US soldiers died