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what states cannot do

What does article 1 of the Constitution state?

tax, borrow money, spend money for their people, establish courts, enforce law

List the 5 concurrent powers

the 10th amendment

Which amendment gives states reserved powers?

the power to conduct elections, regulate education, make marriage and divorce laws

What powers do the states have?


__ powers are just for the states


article __ -the Constitution declares that laws made by Congress are Supreme, and this means that if a state law conflicts with a federal law, the federal law takes precedence


if a state law conflicts with a federal law, the _____ law takes precedence


Article __ of the Constitution requires each state to have a representative democracy

state legislature, voters of the state

In state Constitutions amendments are usually proposed by the ____ and they are ratified by ____


__ are usually proposed by the state legislature and they are ratified by voters of the state


What is the only state that does not propose amendments by a state legislature and ratify by voters of the state?

a representative democracy

What does article 4 of the Constitution require each state to have?


In Delaware the state legislature ratifies instead of __


_____ Constitution has been changed more times than any other state


How many times has the LA Constitution been changed?

1974, Edwin Edwards

Our current Louisiana Constitution was made in ___when ________ was governor

article 4

Which article encourages the states to cooperate with each other through what is called full faith and credit

that all states must honor the laws and court decisions of other states

What does full faith and credit mean?

New Hampshire, 400

Of all the states ____ has the largest state legislature (they have ___ people in their state legislature)

Nebraska, 49

____ has the smallest state legislature (__ people in their state legislature)


Which state is one of five that has a one house (unicameral) legislature?

105, 42,500

Louisiana has ___members as part of the house of reps, each rep represents ___ people.

144 (105 in the house of reps, 39 in the senate)

How many members serve on Louisiana's state legislature?

make treaties, produce coin money, tax imports, during peacetime, declare war

What can the states not do?

state governments

__ has the most impact on our dailey lives

articles of confederation

Under __ the national government was weak and ineffective


When the states came together under the US Constitution, they lost some of their __

federal system

in which power is shared between the states and the national government


our country is governed by a __ system

the power to conduct elections, regulate elections, make marriage and divorce laws

List the three reserved powers that are just for the states

Supreme Court

If conflicts arise between states and the federal government then the __ decides the case


each state has there own __, which is based off one common idea


plan of government

does not

The US Constitution DOES/ DOES NOT say anything about how a state should set up its government


All state constitutions are structured like the US constitution

preamble, articles, amendments

what are the three parts to the constitution?

1974, Constitutions

The Constitution of _ is the longest and most detailed of all state __


Since in the __ state governments and the federal governments have increasing cooperated to help Americans (the Great Depression)

state and federal governments

Since in the 1930's__ and the _ have increasing cooperated to help Americans (the Great Depression)

"grant-in-aid" programs

The federal government provides "award money" to states through what is called __

"award money"

the fed gov provides _ to state through grant in aid programs

cities and counties

who does the fed gov directly give award money to?

Article 4

__ of the constitution says that the federal government will protect each state against invasion and domestic violence

invasion and domestic violence

Article 4 of the constitution says that the federal government will protect each state against __

1. must be a US citizen 2. must be at least 18 3. Has to be a resident of the state 2 years preceding the election 4. Has to be a resident of the district 1 year before the election

4 Qualifications for Louisiana state representatives


In both houses in Louisiana state legislatures serve__ year terms


Louisiana is the only one of 5 states who does it like this; in most states there senates serve _ year terms and reps serve _ year terms


originally being a state legislator was PART/FULL time job


State legislatures operate like __ when making laws


After a bill is sent to the governor he can do __ things with it, the president can only do __

1. sign it 2. veto it 3. pocket veto

What are the 3 things that the president can do with a bill?

line--item veto

Which of the four things that governors can do with a bill can't the president do?

line-item veto

means the governor can approve certain parts of a bill and veto other parts

line-item veto

what can governors do that presidents cannot?

overwrite a veto

states have the ability to __, however it will rarely done

divide their state into districts

after the census is taken every 10 years, all state legislatures __

land areas, population

throughout our nations history, legislative districts were based on __ not __

1964, population

in the year __ the Supreme court case of Reynolds v Sims ruled that all election districts must be equal in __ (Alabama)

Reynolds v Sims

in the year 964 the Supreme court case of ___ ruled that all election districts must be equal in population(Alabama)

Reynolds v Sims

which case was based on the principle of "one man one vote"?

more power was given to urban areas

what was the outcome of the principle "one man one vote"

the services they provide to their people

Short answer: In recent years most states have found it difficult to pay for ___

it would decrease their political popularity and they would not get reelected

Why won't most state legislators raise taxes?

1. borrow money (hurts the economy) 2. they have to cut essential services (hurts the people)

since most states legislators are not bold enough to raise taxes, they do one of two things:


T/F: Each state constitution sets its qualifications for its governor

1. US citizenship 2. must be at least 25 (in most states 30) 3. they must be a resident of the state for 5 years

What three things qualifies Louisiana governors?

false (directly)

T/F: The voters of each state elect their government indirectly

False (there isn't)

T/F: There is an electoral college system for governors

chief executive

What is a governors most important role?

chief executive

__ has to carry out the laws that the state legislature passes

commander in chief

governors also act as ___ by being in charge of their national guard

pardons and reprieves

like the president, governors have the power to give __ and __ to convicted criminals


governors have the power to commute a prisoners sentence. Commute means __


_-to delay


T/F: presidents have the power to commute


T/F: Not every governor has a cabinet like the president, only some do

lt. governors

all governers have advisors called __ to help them

1. lt. governor is nect in line for succession 2. he presides over the states senate

in which two ways are the roles of the lt governor and the vice president similar?

Jay Dardenne

Who is Louisiana's current lt. governor?

state level (not at the federal level)

In the American legal system, most of the court cases are tried at the ___


small local courts handle crimes known as __

justice courts, magistrate courts, municipal courts

List the three types of small local courts

justice courts

these courts are found in country areas and small towns

justice courts

their judges are called justices of the peace in the __ court


T/F: In Magistrate courts they are found in larger towns and small cities


T/F: magistrate courts are found in county's and small towns

magistrate courts

__ are sometimes called police courts

municipal courts

these courts are for areas with large citites

municipal court

What kind of court does Lafayette have?

traffic courts, juvenile courts, and small claims courts

Municipal courts are divided into specialized areas such as:


The second level of the state courts deals with __

general trial

felonys are tried in __ courts

district courts, county courts, circuit courts, superior courts

general trial courts have several different names:

parish courts

What does Louisiana call their courts?

judge and jury

general trial courts use a _ and _ to decide a case

general trial courts

__ courts use a judge and jury to decide a case


T/F: an appeals court has no jury

a panel of judges that decide a case by majority vote

instead of a jury appeals courts have __

the defendant's rights were violated

what is usually the basis of an appeal?

state court

The state supreme court is the highest _


In LA state supreme court justices are _

supreme court

except for cases that involve federal cases or the constitition the decision of the __ are final

shortage of funds, too few judges, not enough jail space, not enough space for cases to be heard

what are the four problems that state courts face?

federal system

o The sharing of power between the central and the state governments

reserved powers

o Powers that the constitution does not give to the national government that are kept by the states

concurrent powers

o Powers shared by the state and federal government


o Money awarded to the states by the federal government


o One-house legislature


o Divide among districts

line-item veto

o To veto only a specific part of a bill


o To grant a prisoner an early release from prison, with certain restrictions

justice of the peace

o The Judge of a small local court


o A relatively minor offense such as vandalism or stealing inexpensive items

magistrate court

o Police courts generally located in larger towns, many handle traffic violations, civil cases involving small amounts of money


o A person or party filing a lawsuit


o An individual or group being sued or charged with a crime


o A serious crime such as murder, rape, kidnapping, or robbery

plea bargain

negotiation in which the defendant agrees to enter a plea of guilty to a lesser charge


to give up (an alleged fugitive or criminal) to another state or nation at its request.

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