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  1. Candida vaginitis
  2. Rifampicin
  3. IL-1
  4. Furosemide
  5. Chloramphenicol
  1. a Cottage cheese like discharge
    Vulvar pruritus
    Can be triggered by Ab use and contraceptives (affect pH imbalance), anything that makes you immunosuppressed
  2. b Loop diuretic which ↑ urinary Ca loss-->treatment for hypercalcemia BUT NOT IN WOMEN w OSTEOPORSOSIS
    -Treats HTN and CHF
  3. c Treats: Serious infections (especially typhoid fever) but attacks a wide spectrum of bacteria and bacterial meningitis
    MOA: a bacteriostatic drug that stops bacterial growth by inhibiting protein synthesis at 50S; interferes w substrate binding
    MOResistance: Plasmid-mediated acetyltransferases that inactivate the drug
    Tox: Gray baby syndrome, aplastic anemia/bone marrow suppression, GI irritation, pancytopenia
  4. d production of inflammation, as well as the promotion of fever and sepsis.
  5. e Treats: TB
    MOA: Inhibits transcription. Inhibits bacterial RNA synthesis by binding to the beta subunit of the polymerase.

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  1. Should not be used in children <12 yo as it will cause Reye syndrome
  2. Confusion, restlessness, HTN, tachycardia, clonus, hyperreflexia, shivering, diaphoresis
  3. Inhibits Vit K dependent-carboxylation of glutamic acid residues of clotting factors 2, 7, 9, 10
  4. Quite high- 10^10 organisms
  5. Treats listeria

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  1. gemfibrozilAntihyperlipidemic fiber derivative
    ↑ cholesterol excretion in liver


  2. GanciclovirAntihyperlipidemic fiber derivative
    ↑ cholesterol excretion in liver


  3. ChylomicronsLipoproteins that carry dietary triglycerides and cholesterol from the intestine to the tissues


  4. IsonizaidNeck swelling, low grade fever, pseudomembranous pharyngitis
    Has a 3% mortality rate


  5. toxic shock syndrome1. If you give pt SSRI and then switch to MAO inhibitor, let some time pass by in order to let 5HT leave system
    2. If you give pt MAO inhibitor and then switch to SSRI, you let some time pass by in order to let the MAO get regenerated so it can degrade the MAO-inhibitor