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  1. gemfibrozil
  2. Biopsy
  3. Cryptococcus
  4. Meds commonly associated with cutaneous photosensitivity
  5. Thayer Martin VCN medium
  1. a Used to test for fungi
  2. b Antihyperlipidemic fiber derivative
    ↑ cholesterol excretion in liver
  3. c a yeast that infects the lungs; does not have a mold form
  4. d sulfonamides, amiodarone, tetracyclines (Doxycycline
  5. e Selective media for N. gonorrhea
    PMN: Always the rich people who have the STDs

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  1. Adeno, Rhino, coronaviruses
  2. Shiga-like toxin by E coli= EHEC
  3. Mixture of three live attenuated viruses and administered to children around 1 year of age=extremely effective
    Can be given to women of child-bearing age, but have to be given pre conception
  4. high infectivity- transmission still possible
  5. 1. If you give pt SSRI and then switch to MAO inhibitor, let some time pass by in order to let 5HT leave system
    2. If you give pt MAO inhibitor and then switch to SSRI, you let some time pass by in order to let the MAO get regenerated so it can degrade the MAO-inhibitor

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  1. Distal Tubular acidosis(A-B toxin) in ETEC
    stimulates guanylate cyclase (increased cGMP)--> diarrhea


  2. Mother infected w/ GBSsevere fungal infection


  3. Heat-killed vaccinationsETEC, ETEC virulence factor: plasmid encoded; cholera like AB5 toxin; Enzyme: ADP- ribosyltransferase; receptor: Gm1; GD1b gangliosides. Increased Gs = increased CAMP, secondary effects PGs; LTs; cytokines


  4. AspirinShould not be used in children <12 yo as it will cause Reye syndrome


  5. KlebsiellaNosocomial G-ve rod which causes disease in alcohol or debilitated patients