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  1. Protective mechanisms- Lipid A
  2. Bordet-Gengou medium
  3. cholestyramine
  4. Lipid A
  5. reye syndrome
  1. a Sudden onset of mental status changes, emesis, and liver dysfunction after taking aspirin.
  2. b bile acid sequestrant
    - Can ↓ pt's LDL, by ↑ cholesterol excretion in liver, but have disadvantages as can form gall stones
  3. c Bordetella Pertussis
  4. d Enterobacteria
  5. e toxic portion of LPS
    Induces shock by activation of macrophages and granulocytes. This activation results in the synthesis of IL 1, PGs, TNFalpha and IFN. These induce a febrile response as well as hypotension, diarrhea, coagulation and death

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  1. Coronaviruses - common cold and SARS
  2. most important photochormogen
    lung infection resembles TB; found in contaminated water
    tx: INH, RIF, EMB but resists PZA
  3. Treats: TB
    MOA: inhibits enzyme synthesis for mycolic building blocks.
    SD: nausea, peripheral neuropathy, hepatotoxicity, liver dsfxn, seizures, fever, anorexia, nausea
    Antidote: Pyridoxine
  4. Lipid A, Core (polysaccharide), O-specific side chains
  5. a type of bacterial upper respiratory disease caused by Corynebacterium diptheriae, a straight or curved rod; its endotoxin produces a low grade fever, inflamatory response, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, enlarged cervical lymph nodes, and pseudomembrane that causes respiratory and cardiac problems (most common cause of death due to this toxin is cardiomyopathy). Used to be a major problem in nonimmunized children

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  1. MinocyclineTetracycline (Bacteriostatic). Inhibit protein synthesis by preventing attachment of aminoacyl-tRNA (30S).
    Use: mycoplasma, chlamydia, rickettsia, borrelia, chronic bronchitis, acne, cholera, syphilis, H. pylori
    Tox: GI upset and superinfections, Fanconi's syndrome, photosensitivity, dental enamel dysplasia. Do not take with milk, antacids or iron


  2. NocardiaShould not be used in children <12 yo as it will cause Reye syndrome


  3. tx for benzo overdoseCaused by superabsorbent tampons. Infection with Staph Aureus and subsequent toxicity of exotoxin TSST ------> systemic anaphylaxis. Fever, vomiting, diarrhea Red rash followed by desquamation


  4. Most common source of E coli bacteremiaToxoplasmosis and CNS lymphoma


  5. Herpes histologyBallooning degeneration
    Acantholysis (break down of prickle layer), nuclear clearing and nuclear enlargement.
    Contain Tzank (multinucleated giant) cells