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  1. heat stable exotoxin
  2. Distal Tubular acidosis
  3. Lipoprotein lipase
  4. Warfarin
  5. Lifecycle of chylomicron
  1. a Enzyme required for the metabolism of chylomicrons and VLDL and is specifically found on the luminal surface of endothelial cells lining the capillaries
  2. b (A-B toxin) in ETEC
    stimulates guanylate cyclase (increased cGMP)--> diarrhea
  3. c Chylomicron particle shrinks:
    Chylomicron is synthesised by intestinal epithelial cells and are scaffolded on apoB-4 and are first drained into lymphatic tissue where they enter the thoracic duct, dump into blood and enter the bloodtsream where they are delivered to the capillary bed surrounding adipose tissue. Lipoprotein lipase breaks down the triglyceride being carried by the chylomicrons into glycerol and fatty acids. The glycerol is sent to the liver, while the fatty acids go to the adipose tissue.
    -The lipoprotein lipase is found on the capillary beds (endothelial tissue) around the adipose cells
  4. d ...
  5. e Inhibits Vit K dependent-carboxylation of glutamic acid residues of clotting factors 2, 7, 9, 10

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  1. Prosthetic valves
  2. severe fungal infection
  3. makes spherules
  4. Ballooning degeneration
    Acantholysis (break down of prickle layer), nuclear clearing and nuclear enlargement.
    Contain Tzank (multinucleated giant) cells
  5. It takes 5 half lives to get to steady state

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  1. CryptococcusSeptate, branching at 45 degree angle
    -May have neutropenia
    -Can be found in sinuses, aspergillomas (fruity bodies in your lungs)


  2. Min number of V cholerae needed for infectionQuite high- 10^10 organisms


  3. lactate dehydrogenasean abnormal deficiency or absence of free hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice or prolonged PPI use
    -Pts w/ hepatitis or pancreatitis are not susceptible increased cholera b/c these organs are not involved in cholera


  4. MacConkey agarMycoside: contains 2 mycolic acids connected by trehalose
    Produces parallel growth of bacteria, making cords of cells
    -Works by inhibiting neutrophil migration
    Damages host cell mitochondria
    Causes release of TNF, promoting phagocytosis of macrophages
    Only found in virulent forms of M. tuberculosis


  5. HeparinN. Meningitis prophylaxis in exposed patients
    - Also used to treat TB in a multi drug treatment


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