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  1. live attenuated
  2. Diptheria
  3. Min number of V cholerae needed for infection
  4. Mucormycosis
  5. Shiga-like toxin (E coli)
  1. a EHEC
  2. b facial pain, headache, black necrotic eschar
    -Present as negative in blood cultures test
  3. c Quite high- 10^10 organisms
  4. d BCG vaccine
  5. e Neck swelling, low grade fever, pseudomembranous pharyngitis
    Has a 3% mortality rate

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  1. Prosthetic valves
  2. sulfonamides, amiodarone, tetracyclines (Doxycycline
  3. Antipyretic drug used in children which acts by inhibiting COX--> ↓PGE2 synthesis--> ↓ hypothalamic set point
  4. Lipid A, Core (polysaccharide), O-specific side chains
  5. a yeast that infects the lungs; does not have a mold form

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  1. How to get to steady state...


  2. Protective mechanisms- fimbrial antigenNeisseria, Vibrio cholerae, UPEColi


  3. Tx of diptheria1. Administration of diptheria antitoxin
    2. Administration of penicillin or erythromycin- will destroy the diptheria, but not the AB toxin
    3. Administration of the DPT vaccine


  4. MMR vaccineN. Meningitis prophylaxis in exposed patients
    - Also used to treat TB in a multi drug treatment


  5. Echovirusescolds, meningitis, fever/rash


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