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When you delete records in Access,

any records deleted by mistake must be reentered.

Forms can only be modified in Layout view.


Section bars designate the various sections of a form in Design view.


Access forms can

be based on multiple tables.

In Layout view, if the width of controls is insufficient to display all of the data, the field has been


The margins and page breaks in a report are only viewable in a report's Design view.


Two controls normally found in a Report Footer are the date control and the page number control.


A report can include a summary line that details what is being summarized and the number of records being included in the summary total.


Forms based on a single table cannot display information from other related tables.


The Report tool will automatically adjust the size of fields within headers and footers to fit onto one page.


A theme

should be applied before doing other formatting to a form.

Advanced Filter allows the OR condition.


Which of the following would NOT be considered a design modification of a report?

Change the table on which the report is based.

Access forms can be used to enter or edit data, but not to delete data.


Different themes can be applied to various objects within a database.


In Layout view, the ________ is a small symbol displayed in the upper left corner used to move the entire group of controls.

layout selector

Report modifications need to be made in Design view.


Compared to Filter by Form, Filter by Selection

does not allow as much flexibility.

Text boxes and their label controls must be formatted together.


Forms are bound to the table in which the records are stored.


When a filter is active, which of the following is NOT true?

A small funnel appears to the right of the database name in the title bar.

The choice of a theme should precede other formatting choices.


To print just one record from a form, which of the following would you choose in the Print dialog box?

the Selected Record(s) option

The Blank Report tool is most efficient when your table contains lots of fields.


Organizing and summarizing data in a report can be accomplished by

grouping data.

When entering new information into a field, the record selector displays a hand with a finger pointing to the current record being entered.


The Form tool creates a form displaying all fields from the underlying data source.


Forms can be used to control access to data.


The Report and Group Headers are printed at the top of every page of the report.


When a field is too narrow to display numeric information, the data displays as

pound signs.

Filter by Selection can only be used in a single field.


Use the Report Wizard when you want to control the report's content and design.


The OR condition

displays records that meet either of two criteria.

Forms are only capable of displaying a single record at a time.


Sorting in a report can be done on up to three fields.


Which of the following displays only records that contain the value in the selected field?

Filter by Selection

The Report tool generates a report by displaying all records and all fields from the selected record source.


Which is NOT true concerning forms?

Every table must have at least one form.

Resizing sections in a form must be done in

Design view.

Themes cannot be applied to a single database object.


The advantage of resizing controls in Layout view rather than in Design view is

by seeing the content of the fields in Layout view, you can visually determine that the space allotted is adequate.

Which of the following can display records based on values in one or more fields?

Filter by Form

Using a form for data entry can increase the usefulness of a database by increasing


Which of the following is NOT true regarding a report?

It can be based on another report.

To view report data while making changes to a report, use

Layout view.

The Report Wizard

enables you to specify how the report data is grouped and sorted.

Using the"keep whole group together on one page" command ensures

labels, data, and totals will all be on one page as long as the data doesn't exceed one page.

When viewing a report in Design view, which of the following is NOT a section name?

Form Footer

To see how information is grouped, sorted, or totaled, Design view is the preferred view.


The "keep whole group together on one page" command keeps everything between the group header and the group footer on one page.


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