Plant Responses and Animal Behaviour

Behaviour in ANIMALS is expressed as...
- Movement of muscles
- Activity of glands
- Migration of pigments
Animal receptors are:
- Sense
- Organs
- Muscles
- Glands
Behaviour in PLANTS is expressed as...
- Turgor movement
- Growth movement
- Swelling
Define Turgor
Water movement within plant cells (creates rigidity)
Define Swelling
Taking on water
Plant receptors are:
- Pigments
- Hormones
Innate Behaviour is...
Behaviour that is present at birth. It is genetically inherited. Also known as instinctive behaviour.
Learned Behaviour is...
The product of experiences that create an adaptive change in an individuals behaviour.
Define: Exogenous Rhythm
A rhythm controlled by the external environment, detected by the organism.
Define: Endogenous Rhythm
Internal rhythm (biological clock).