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  1. IE-> causitive agent inhibited by pcn but killed rapidly by addition of aminoglycoside to pcn
  2. C. diff
  3. Pharmacodynamics
  4. hematologic toxicities d/t prolonged use
  5. culture
  6. MIC

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  1. β-lactam antibiotics, anticonvulsants, allopurinol, hydralazine, nitrofurantoin, sulfonamides, phenothiazines, and methyldopaC. diff


  2. The change in ratio of mature to immature cells is referred toshift to the left


  3. isoniazid can inhibit the metabolism of _____ leading to toxicityC. diff


  4. Mature neutrophils referred to as segs because of theirsegmented nucleus


  5. Can develop kernicterus when given sulfonamides as a result ofdisplacement of bilirubin from serum albumin


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