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  1. IE-> causitive agent inhibited by pcn but killed rapidly by addition of aminoglycoside to pcn
  2. pharmacokinetics (how the drug moves through the body)
  3. culture
  4. C. diff
  5. MIC
  6. Pharmacodynamics

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  1. Mature neutrophils referred to as segs because of theirsegmented nucleus


  2. isoniazid can inhibit the metabolism of _____ leading to toxicityphenytoin


  3. Prevent emergence of resistance
    Particularly important in the treatment of


  4. The change in ratio of mature to immature cells is referred toshift to the left


  5. Detects meningococcal capsular antigens in CSF of patients suspected of bacterial meningitis, and in diagnosing Legionella pneumophilalatex agglutination