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AT test #4 quiz ?'s

Thermal energy can be transferred by all of the following EXCEPT
Indirect heating through another medium such as air or liquid is called
ice water immersion is generally done
at 50-60 F
when one is using ultrasound the field of treatment should NOT be more than
3-4 square inches
When using cryokinetics
ice is applied until numbness is felt, and then the athlete exercises for 3-5 minutes
the major value of vapocoolant spray is
its ability to reduce muscle gurading and increase range of motion
a preferred therapeutic massage for areas around joints, other areas where tissue is thin, and over adhesions would be
traction is indicated for which of the following conditions
spinal nerve root impingement
a modality that stimulates the gating mechanism and facilitates the release of endrogenous opiates to reduce pain is
ultrasound is commonly used in combination with all of the following EXCEPT
which of the following is an effect of cold at the cellular level
decreased metabolic rate
a modality that creates a therapeutic enviornment through dry heat and forced convection through a suspended airstream is
which of the following is a contraindication for the use of shortwave diamthermy
dosages for ultrasound are measured in
which of the following is NOT a biphasic (alternating) wave
following an injury or surgery, when should the rehabilitation process be initiated
immediately after
decisions on how to progress an athlete through a rehab program should be based on
the healing process
the athletic trainer should incorporate mobilization when
articular structures are tight
a method of promoting or hastening the recovery response of muscles through the use of diagonal or rotational patters is characteristic of
proprioceptive neuromusclar facilitation exercises
disuse of an extremity will result in all of the following EXCEPT
increased motor neuron discharge
all of the following are joint mechanoreceptors EXCEPT
golgi tendon organs
which of the following is NOT considered a closed kinetic chain exercise
knee extension in sitting
which of the following is NOT true of core stabilization training
it should incorporate challenging single plane exercises
which of the following is an advantage of isotonic resistance
wide range of usefulness at low cost
the phase can last for several years and includes a series of functional progression activites
remodeling phase
in which technique does the athlete move through a complete range of motion against a maximal resiistance in a smooth and rhythmic pattern
slow reversal
increasing static strength and decreasing atrophy can best be accomplished by using what method of exercise
aquatic exercise uses the waters buoyancy and pressure and can be described as all of the following EXCEPT
a method of promoting the response of the neuromuscular mechanism through stimulation is called
PNF exercise
an exercise that involves weight bearing through an extremity is considered
a close kinetic chain exercise
which type of drug vehicle is described as an alcohol or oil base that contains a dissolved drug designed for external massage
agents that diminish nerve activity or body functions are
agents that relieve anxiety are
all of the following drugs are banned by the NCAA and USOC except
narcotic analgesics
indocin and naprosyn are examples of
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
smokeless tobacco can case all of the follwoing except
decreased rxn time
in teens, the excessive use of anabolic steroids will cause all of the following except
decreased male mammary glands
when an immediate rxn to a drug is necessary, it should be administered
all of the follwoing medications may predispose an athlete to heat related illness EXCEPT
drugs that help you keep a steady heand, decrease the HR, and keep nervousness to a minimum are called
beta blockers
an emetic is an agent designed to
cause vomiting
which of the following is NOT an adverse rxn to aspirin
inhibition of prostaglandin release
an individual's dvlpt of a psychological need for a specific medication is known as
the use of marijuana can lead to all of the following EXCEPT
decrease in pulse rate