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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Civics


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Mayor, very powerful and corrupt business-man
Jim Taylor
Senior senator from the state
Senator Joe Payne
Joe Payne's daughter
Susan Payne
Mr Smith's aide
Clarissa Saunders
When Senator Sam Foley dies, how is his seat replaced?
The governor appoints a new senator
Why is the governor and his group of supporters worried about who will take Foley's place?
They want a 'yes-man'
Who recommends Jefferson Smith as the new senator?
The governor's children; Boy Rangers
What does Smith do when he first arrives to DC?
He takes a tour of the city to the Lincoln Memorial
What nickname does Saunders give him?
Daniel Boone, Done Quixote
Why does Mr Smith want to visit Mt. Vernon before his first day as a Senator?
He wants to visit Washington's home to set him in the right 'mood'
How does the press change Mr. Smith words from his first press conference?
How does he react to the newspaper articles?
He goes on a tirade and starts punching people in the press
What bill does Mr. Smith want to introduce and pass?
He wants a national boys camp
Why are there only 96 senators?
No Hawaii/Alaska
Why doesn't Saunders think that Mr. Smith's bill will be easy to pass?
He has no idea of what he's up against with the whole 'dam' ordeal.
Why is location of Mr. Smith's camp so important?
It's where he grew up, he knows the land well
What does Saunders call Senator Payne's daughter?
Susan 'Payne-in-the-Neck'
Why does Susan Payne take Mr. Smith out for the afternoon?
To distract him while the dam bill is debated in the Senate
What does Saunders do to 'enlighten' or tell Mr. Smith about his bill?
She tells him about the dam
How has Senator Payne managed to stay in office for 30 years?
He's a 'yes-man'
How does Senator Payne prevent Mr. Smith from speaking against the deficiency bill?
He accuses him of trying to profit from the boys camp
What does the Payne group do to make Mr Smith look bad?
They forge document making it seem like he already bought the land for the national boys camp
What does Mr. Smith do on the floor of the Senate to be heard?
He decides to filibusters
How does the President of the Senate react?
He's in favor of it; he finds it humorous
How does Taylor try to keep the news away from the state?
He censors the papers to keep out anything 'pro-Smith', had anti-Smith parades, etc.
How does Saunders get the correct information to the state?
She uses the Boy Rangers' newspaper to print the truth
What does Taylor's group do to the members of the Boy Rangers?
They use terror tactics, steal the newspapers, etc