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Flashcards for Developmental Psych

Growth Spurt

A rapid change in height and weight that signals the onset of puberty.


The series of biological developments that transforms individuals from a state of physical immaturity into one which they are biologically mature and capable of sexual reproduction.

Primary Sex Characteristics

The organs directly involved in reproduction. ex: uterus, vagina, penis, scrotum

Secondary Sex Characteristics

The anatomical and physiological signs that outwardly distinguish males and females. ex: breast, broad shoulders


the first occurrence of menstruation in a woman.


The first ejaculation. Ejaculation often occurs spontaneously during sleep and is called nocturnal emission.

Secular Trend

Observed and industrialized countries, a pattern in which the average age of puberty declines across decades.

Emotional Tone

The degree to which a person experiences a sense of well-being verses depression and anxiety.

Formal Operations

In Piaget's terms, a kind of mental operation in which all possible combinations are considered in solving a problem. Consequently, each partial link is a grouped in relation to the whole. In other words, reasoning moves continually as a function of a structured whole.

Sociocognitive conflict

Cognitive conflict that is rooted in social experience.

Morality of Justice

A morality that emphasizes issues of rightness, fairness, and equality.

Morality Of Care

A morality that stresses relationships, compassion, and social obligations.

Positive Impact of Formal Reasoning

A suggested scientific reasoning becomes possible. Allows for systematic information processing.

Imaginary Audience

Belief of being center of attention. Leads to extreme self-consciousness and going to extreme lengths to avoid embarrassment.

Personal Fable

Believe everyone is watching= inflated sense of self-importance. Feeling of being unique.

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