P&H Changing interpretations: impact of new research and technologies


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New technologies allow
archaeologists to interpret the evidence more effectively
Before Fiorelli
Gold diggers used the site for looting precious items
introduced a systematic way of excavation where he would categorise the site and name and number them effectively
Led to destruction because of haste in excavation during WW2
splash water on frescoes
People were encouraged. Made them appear 'brighter'
frescoes painted with
varnish/ plastic and glass
invasive reinforecements
placed on structures, caused collapse and breakage
water permeable membrane
placed over frescoes
non invasive reinforcements
Can esily be removed
artefacts preserved
in labs rather than on site
digital photography allows us to take 3D models of archtecture
Allows modern preservation method which allows investigation to continue
controversy today
if the site should be preserved for later generations with better technology or excavated before natural disasters steal the information away forever