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_________defined as ability to exercise ones will


__________power, exercised over oneself. _________power is the ability of people to exercise their wills over the wills of others

personal; social

_______power referring to unmarried couples or unmarried and married couples

intimate partner power

________power described as husbands and wives

marital power

Four things marital power involve?

decision making, divison of labor, allocation of money, sense of empowerment

________both partners share equally in the rights and responsibilities of the relationship


________ are the rewards and privleges of relationship proportional to contributions of partners


_____________of fairness is generally more powerful


_________power willing and ability to punish partner. _______abilitiy and willingness to give partner material or nonmaterial gifts and favors. ________power knowledge, ability and judgment. ___________power, knows more about a consumer item, child rearing, travel, destination housing market.____________ power emotional identification with partner. ___________power society and culture authorize power of one or other partner or both

coercive; reward; expert; informational; referent; legitmate

Blood and Wolfe's _____________holds spouse with more resources holds more power

resource hypothesis

_________major source of decision making power

wage and salary

One criticism of the resource hypothesis is that ________

doesn't take into account their personalities and way they interact

According to Dair Gillespie power giving resources tend to be __________

unevenly distributed between sexes

____________in traditional society male authority is legitimate power

resources in cultural context

The generation born in U.S has moved to a _______________in which husband -wife relationships are more flexible and negotiated

transitional egalitarian situation

Those most likely that have attained the egalitarian norm are

lesbian couples

____________traditional norms of male authority are strong husbands will dominate regardless of personal resources

patriarchal norm of marital power

Philip Blumstein and Pepper Schwartz covered aspects of couples relationships such as

money, sex, and compared married couples to cohabitation and gay couples

Women have more _______power which can offsets mens __________power

informational; resource or legitmate

____________is whether couple pool their money and who controls pooled or separates money

allocation systems

Mens____________ is a precussor to wife beating or sexual abuse. Women on the other hand fear being ___________

subjective sense of powerlessness; too powerful

_______power gave husbands greatest power in decision making and _______power ascribed more authority to men. Women gain power from __________power

resource; legitimate; informational

Steven Nocks defines MEDS (mutually economically dependent spouses) as

dual earner couples in which each spouse earns between 40 and 59 percent of family's income

Among evangelical Christians a gendered divisions of labour, formal male dominance in decision making and egalitarian spirit combine ____________

neotraditional family

Wilcox and Nock see egalitarian definition of marital power as circumscribed by the symbolic importance of maintaining gender boundaries known as __________

gender model of marriage

Pepper Schwarts points to __________were couple who have developed egalitarian marriages or tried to

peer marriages

According to Schwarts peer marriages ____________believe in equality but combination of children and desire to maximize income means husband does not participate much. _____________were marriages in which male dominated decision making but both parties were ok with this

near; traditionals

___________means that each partner has ability to mutually and reciprocally influence and be influenced by the other

no power

Three alternative to power politics proposed by Blood and Wolfe are

partners take charge of separate domains, one partner disengages from power struggles, the best alternative, for more powerful partner to consciously relinquish some power

According to Carlfred Broderick he proposed exercise to help people disengage from power struggles

resign the crown, do it yourself, make an offer your partner cant refuse, join with joy

The best way to work through power changes is _________

openly discuss and fight about it fairly

3 sources of data for family violence are

National Crime Victimization Survey, National Incident Based Reporting System, National Violence Against Women Survey

Researchers developed a measure of family violence termed _________ in which respondents were asked about acts such as threw something, pushed, grabbed

conflict Tactics Scale

Sever violence defined as ________

acts that have relatively high probability of causing an injury

__________is the physical or emotional abuse of spouses, cohabiting or noncohabiting relationship partners or former spouses

intimate partner violence

Rate of violence is higher for _______couples

cohabiting partners

_________are more likely to have experienced intimate partner victimization

younger women

Vicitimization rates are higher for ___________

Native American women

__________have higher rates of situational couple violence but __________are more likely to be the target of intimate terrorism

cohabiting couples; married women

Some of the reasons women live with violent partners are

fear, cultural norms, love, economic dependence, and hopes of reform, gendered socialization, childhood experiences, low self esteem

Low self esteem interacts with fear, depression, and anxiety to create ___________

battered woman syndrome

Some forms of to avoid women experience male partner violence are

shelters and domestic violence programs

According to Murray assaults by women on male partners have _______

stayed the same

__________refers specifically to abuse that is almost entirely male and that is oriented to controlling the partner through fear and intimidation and occurs more often in marriage

intimate terrorism

___________refers to mutual violence between partners and involves fewer instances and is not likely to escalate and is less severe

situational couple violence

Studies have shown that violence between same sex partners occurs ____________as heterosexual relationships

same or greater

Lesbians and bisexuals women are subject to __________minority stress where as lesbian women of color experience ___________

double risk; triple jeopardy

Other approaches to stopping relationship violence include

counselling and group therapy and criminal justice system

People use the term _________to refer to overt acts of aggression

child abuse

__________is not considered abuse

spanking or hitting a child with a paddle stick or hairbrush

Number of child fatalities due to neglect and abuse has been _________


_________includes acts of omission such as failing to provide adequate physical emotional care. ______________involves parents being overly harsh and critical failing to provide guidance or uninterested in child's needs

child neglect; emotional child abuse or neglect

Most common forms of incest are __________

sibling incest

According to National Family Violence Survey it found ________to be the most pervasive form of family violence

sibling violence

Child abuse is reported more among

poor and nonwhite families

Three major approaches to combating child abuse are _________which views abuse and neglect as crimes and parents should be punished _____________approach which views abuse as a family problem requiring treatment ____________approach which looks to stress factors and the family's social context

punitive approach; therapeutic approach; social welfare approach

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