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Sociology Exam #3

Based on scapegoat theory, you could conclude that prejudice is caused by...
frustration among people who are themselves disadvantaged.
Gender refers to...
the personal traits and social positions that members of society attach to being male and female.
Max Weber aruged that, in agrarian societies, the dimension of social inequality that has the greatest importance is...
social prestige, honor.
Which of the following statements is an example of neocolonialism?
Multinational corporations dominate the economy of a poor country.
Multiculturalists oppose the goal of assimilation because...
This suggests that minorities are the ones who need to do all of the changing.
The US is not truly pluralistic because...
Racial and ethnic categories today do not have equal social standing.
Talcott Parsons described gender in terms of...
Looking back over US history, we see a general trend by which women...
Have gained both power and economic opportunities
While modernization theory focuses on _____, dependency theory focuses on _____.
the production of wealth, the distribution of wealth.
Japanese immigrants differed from earlier chinese immigrants by...
Knowing more about US history before they got here.
Because of social stratification in the US...
Some people have more privileges and opportunities than others do.
The text gives several reasons why a socialist revolution did not take place as Karl Marx predicted. Which of the following statements is NOT one of the reasons given in the text?
There is not longer and concentration of wealth in our society.
The concept of "absolute poverty" refers to...
A lack of resources that is life threatening.
Margaret Mead's research on gender in three societies supports the conclusion that...
Societies may define both "masculine" and "feminine" differently.
Which theoretical approach is linked to the dependency theory?
The social conflict approach
Dependency theory claims that poor nations...
were "undeveloped" by the colonial practices of rich nations.
In general, societies that have a caste system have an economy based on...
A college professor who has advanced degrees, moderate salary, and little power, can be described as having...
low status consistency
Fredrich Engels claimed that capitalism...
Increase's mens domination of women.
Stereotypes refer to...
exaggerated descriptions applied to everyone is some category
Which type of feminism accepts the basic organization of US society, but seeks to expand the rights and opportunities of women?
Liberal Feminism
In the US, most people...
identify with one or more ethnic category.
Read over the following statements about social mobility in the US. Which statement is NOT correct?
Within a single generation, most social mobility involved jumping from one class level to another rather than making small movements within one class.
The "beauty myth" refers to the idea that...
Women learn to measure their personal importance in terms of physical appearance.
Which of the following concepts refers to an invisible, yet real, barrier that prevents many women from rising about middle-management positions?
"glass ceiling"
With regard to the role of rich nations, dependency theory
claims that rich nations are to blame for global poverty.
Which of the following concepts refers to a social organization in which males dominate females?
The concept "ideology" refers to...
cultural beliefs that justify social stratification
The Davis-Moore Thesis states that
society must attach enough rewards to important jobs to attract the talent needed to perform these jobs well.
While being the upper-upper class is usually the result of _____, being in the lower-upper class is more often a matter of _____.
birth; achievement.
In theory, wich of the following involves the greatest amount of social mobility
Which of the following situations is NOT an example of institutional discrimination?
A mother wants her child to stay away from schoolmates of a different race.
Modernization theory claims that...
The main causes of poverty include traditional culture and lack of advanced technology.
Jill buys a very expensive car to impress her friends. Her purchase is an example of...
conspicuous consumption
Compared to poverty in the US, poverty in low-income nations is
more widespread and severe.
Which factor accounts for the largest share of difference in the earnings of working men and women in the US?
Difference in the type of work men and women do.
Read the following four statements about social stratification. Which statement is NOT correct?
A family's social standing typically changes a great deal from generation to generation.
Critics claim that modernization theory..
ignores how rich nation scan block the economic development of poor nations.
In the US schools, courses in sociology typically enroll
more women than men
Race refers to _____ considered important by a society and ethnicity refers to _____.
biological traits, cultural traits.
If you wanted to recruit people to join a feminist organization, you would expect to have the most positive response from..
African Americans
Which of the following statements about gender and housework is CORRECT?
Among employed people, married or not, with or without children, women do most of the housework.
The concept of "race" refers to
A socially constructed category composed of people who share biologically transmitted traits that members of a society consider important.
In general, people in the _____ tend to be less tolerant of controversial behavior such a homosexuality.
working class
Read the following statements about minorities. Which is NOT correct?
All people in a minority category are socially disadvantaged.
Read the following statements about minorities. Which is NOT correct?
"Arab" and "Muslim" mean the same thing.
Most low-income nations are found in
Africa and Asia
While prejudice is a matter of _____, discrimination is a matter of _____.
attitudes, action.
In the US, the costs of sexism for men include...
engaging in many high-risk behaviors.
Which type of feminism seeks to end patriarchy by eliminating the idea of gender itself?
Radical Feminism.