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  1. humanities
  2. gentry
  3. autocrat
  4. homogeneous
  5. anthropology
  1. a Aristocratic or well-bred people. In Britain, the class under the aristocracy.
  2. b Of the same kind or sort.
  3. c The scientific study of the origins, cultural development, & customs of human beings.
  4. d Branches of knowledge concerned with human beings & their culture: philosophy, literature, & the fine arts, as distinguished from the sciences.
  5. e A ruler who has absolute or unlimited power; a despot OR any arrogant, dominating person.

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  1. Having parts that are unrelated or completely different.
  2. A supporter of women's claims to the same rights & treatment as men.
  3. Children or descendants; offspring.
  4. A person who behaves in a mechanical, routine manner; a robot.
  5. Cleverly inventive and resourceful.

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  1. genocideThe planned annihilation of a racial, political, or cultural group.


  2. virileAnyone not of the Jewish faith.


  3. autopsyThe examination of a corpse to determine the cause of death.


  4. humanismHaving the worthy qualities of human beings, such as kindness or compassion.


  5. genesisWell-mannered; refined; polite.