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Human Trafficking: Massage Parlors


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Are massage parlors safe?
a. yes
b. maybe
c. no
Why do people use massage parlors?
a. suffer from muscle ache
b. suffer from back ache
c. relax body and mind
d. seek way to self-heal
e. all of the above
How many massage parlors are there in the U.S.? (circa 2015)
a. 50,000
b. 100,000
c. 150,000
d. 200,000
How many massage parlors are there in Fresno, CA area? (circa 2016)
a. 60
b. 120
c. 180
d. 240
What is an illegal massage parlor?
a. Practitioners are not licensed or certified
b. Business is not properly licensed or certified
c. Illegal activities taking inside business
d. Establishment is in noncompliance
e. All of the above
What are signs that a massage parlor is a front?
a. Shade covering windows so that you cannot see inside
b. Most of the customers are males
c. Controlled entry and special night time hours
d. Reviews by johns that illicit sex is offered
e. No one is really concerned about your medical history
f. Inappropriate imagery such as pretty faces or curvy bodies
What are some signs that the masseuse or masseur is working in exploitative environment?
a. Shaded windows
b. Sliding scale of prices
c. Workers stay inside even during breaks
d. Workers are disoriented or unaware of local news
e. Workers speak very little English
f. Workers nervous and as if under pressure
g. Workers focused on obtaining tips
h. Workers offering sexual innuendos
How should you select a massage parlor?
a. Consult medical experts on holistic approaches such as with your primary care doctor.
b. Check recommendations against expert evaluations and board listings.
c. Check with your primary health team whether physical therapy may work out better for you.
d. Review evaluations on consumer review sites
e. All of the above
What are signs of a safe massage establishment?
a. Recommended by primary care hospitals
b. Multiple board certifications including National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, California Massage Therapy Council, American Chiropractic Association, Holistic Nurses Association, etc.
c. Information posted at respected health sites such as HealthGrades.com or Local Massage.com
d. Professional atmosphere with English fluency
e. Long standing local establishment with good testimonials from a variety of qualified experts.
f. All of the above
Why is it important that the public become aware of fake massage parlors?
a. Victims can be mistreated or injured
b. They can spread a variety of diseases
c. Males become addicted to buying sex
d. Women are reduced to trading cards
e. Societal perceptions about people and cultures become warped
f. Fake massage parlors segues into drug use and criminal underworld
g. Proliferation of fake massage parlors facilitates even more human trafficking
What is human trafficking?
Usually occurs when people are kidnapped or held as hostages against their will. The people (any age or race) are forced into being used as:
a. slave labor
b. sex worker
c. drug smuggler
d. organ donor
e. begging or thieving ring
f. illegal child adoption
g. forced marriage
h. child soldiers
How does human trafficking happen?
a. Many are recruited by false promises of employment and pay very high recruitment fees.
b. People pay human smugglers to help them migrate illegally. They become trafficking victims when the smugglers decide to sell them instead.
c. Well-organized international criminal syndicates and local gangs may play key roles in both internal and cross-border trafficking.
d. Violence, abuse, and manipulation is used to keep victims under control and afraid to rebel.
How many reported cases of human trafficking in the United States?
a. Over 21,000 total cases reported to National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC).
b. 80% of the victims are used in sex-trafficking in the United States
c. The reported cases are the low estimate
How many reported cases of potential human trafficking in the Fresno, CA area?
a. According to Fresno Police Department, 178 cases identified since 2010.
b. 42 cases were labor trafficking, while the remaining were sex trafficking.
c. The reported cases are the low estimate
How many reported cases of human trafficking in California last year? (from NHTRC)
+ 2,741 calls were made; 711 are human trafficking cases; 567 related to sex trafficking; 80 cases labor trafficking; 26 cases of sex and labor trafficking.
+ Gender ratio 643 female: 59 male
+ Adult ratio 479 adult: 226 minors
How is recruitment happening in the United States?
a. At mass transit stations, nightclubs, bars
b. Online and social media channels
c. Schools, college campuses, parties
d. Troubled families, gangs, fostercare
e. Friends, relatives, and neighbors of any age, gender, background, race, or ethnicity
When is prostitution a form of sex trafficking?
a. When the child is under the age of 18
b. When the person is forced or shamed into selling or displaying his or her body in sex acts
c. If the person is being exploited and controlled by a pimp or group
d. All of the above
What is the average age of sex trafficking victims?
The average age of trafficked girls is 13-16. Runaways are spotted by pimps or recruiters and approached. Others affiliated with the network help recruiters. Youth from troubled homes or families may be groomed by their abusers over a period time. Other victims may be used in the black market for illicit purposes including live organ donor.
What are symptoms which human trafficking victims may exhibit?
a. fear or post-traumatic stress disorder
b. unaware of their individual rights
c. unwilling to self-identify as victims
d. complex gynecological problems
e. confused or no memory of past
f. unusual bruises, scars, or tattoos
g. working to pay off huge debts
h. no personal documents
i. chaperon distrusts victim alone with staff
j. confused about time and location
k. willing to blame self to protect abuser
l. disassociative personality disorder
m. alcohol and drug addictions
n. inconsistent back story
What can I do in cases of suspected human trafficking?
a. Call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) hotline at 1-888-3737-888
b. Inform a sympathetic coworker or manager
c. File a complaint with local police department
d. Call the Child Protection Services hotline
e. Call Dependent Adult Protection Services hotline
What can be done to discourage human trafficking locally?
a. support the arrest of operators of illegal massage parlors
b. support stiffer laws and penalties against all perpetrators
c. support changing zoning laws to ban or relocate future massage parlors
d. become involved in raising awareness about all forms of human trafficking
What is the estimated percentage of illicit massage parlors in Fresno?
a. 20%
b. 40%
c. 60%
d. 80%
How much money do massage parlors earn?
Tens of thousands of dollars every month.
Why is it important for police to crackdown on illegal massage parlors?
a. Increases crime in neighborhood
b. Damages reputation of businesses
c. Endangers the health of workers
d. Endangers the health of customers
e. all of the above
What are conditions like for trafficking victims in massage parlors?
a. workers under employers close control
b. workers forced to offer illicit sexual favors
c. workers given no overtime pay
d. workers must pay off huge loans
e. all of the above
How can I use my cell phone in an emergency involving human trafficking? (Polaris Project/NHTRC)
a. Call 9-1-1
b. Text BEFREE (233733)