25 terms

<完> Fundamentals Grammar Group 3

[Verb - intransitive or transitive]
to give someone a small amount of money in addition to what you owe for a service
* Dont't fotget to ___ the driver.
very sad, worried, or angry about something
* Why are you so _____?
[Verb - intransitive or transitive]
to move your hand to say hello or goodbye or as a signal
* He smiled and ____ed when he saw me.
[Verb - transitive] /ˈmɑdɪˌfaɪ/
to change something slightly, especially in order to improve it or to make it less extreme
* The plan involved ______ing two of the windows.
[Adjective] /ˌɪndɪˈpendənt/
not connected with or joined to anything else
* The equipment has its own ___________ power supply.
[Adverb] /ɪˈmidiətli/
very quickly and without delay
* When she saw him come in, she decided to leave ___________.
[Verb - intransitive] /ˈɑrˌɡju/
if people argue, they speak to each other in an angry way because they disagree
* Those girls are always _____ing!
[Adjective] /ˈeldərli/
an elderly person is old. Many people now think that this word is offensive but it is often used in talking about policies and conditions that affect old people
* An _______ gentleman was standing at the hotel counter.
[Adjective] /ˈædmərəb(ə)l/
deserving to be admired or respected
* an _________ objective
[Verb - intransitive or transitive] /ˈsʌfər/
to feel pain in your body or your mind
* Don't worry, the animal won't ______ any pain.
[Verb - intransitive or transitive] /seɪl/
if a boat sails, it moves across the surface of an ocean, lake, river, etc.
* The yacht ____ed into harbor.
[Verb - intransitive] /snɔr/
to breathe noisily while you sleep
[Verb - intransitive or transitive] /tʃɪr/
to give a loud shout of happiness or approval
* The prince was _____ed by a 10,000-strong audience.
[Adjective] /əˈproʊpriət/
suitable or right for a particular situation or purpose
* This isn't the appropriate time to discuss the problem.
burn down
[Phrasal verb]
to destroy a building or something large with fire, or to be destroyed in this way
* The entire house ____ed ____ in 20 minutes.
an obstetrician
[Noun - countable] /ˌɑbstəˈtrɪʃ(ə)n/
a doctor whose job is to check the health of pregnant women and help with the birth of their children
a carnivore
[Noun - countable] /ˈkɑrnɪˌvɔr/
an animal that eats other animals. An animal that only eats plants is called a herbivore, and an animal that eats flesh and plants is called an omnivore.
[Noun - uncountable or countable] /ʃeɪp/
the outer form of something
* The room forms an L-_____.
[Noun - UC, C] /məˈtɪriəl/
* Her dress was made of a thin lacy ________.
[Verb - intransitive or transitive] /paʊnd/
to hit something several times with a lot of force
* I could hear them _____ing on the door.
an architect
[Noun - countable] /ˈɑrkɪˌtekt/
someone whose job is to design buildings
a consonant
[Noun - countable] /ˈkɑnsənənt/
a speech sound made by stopping all or some of the air going out of your mouth
a vowel
[Noun - countable] /ˈvaʊəl/
a sound that you make when you speak without closing your mouth or throat
fill in
[Phrasal verb - transitive]
to add information such as your name or address in the empty spaces on an official document
* Please ____ __ your name and address in the space provided.
[Adjective] /ˈreɡjələr/
used for describing people who go somewhere or do something frequently
* Jason was a _______ customer in the store.