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1. Official vehicles displaying "exempt" license plates may park at meters without payment. They are also permitted to park longer than the time limit posted on meters and posted time-restricted zones, such as 15-minute or 2-hour zones. This exemption does not apply to commercial loading zones, red zones, bus stops, taxi stands, and passenger (white) zones that are otherwise reserved for special types of vehicles or specific activities. All other violations are subject to citation.
2. Official vehicles displaying US Government license plates may park at meters without payment; however, they are subject to citations for violation of 86.15 SDMC-Overtime at Meters. In all other circumstances, government vehicles should receive standard enforcement.
3. Emergency vehicles
4. Private service vehicles - plumbers, electricians and other maintenance or repair personnel who are on emergency calls may park longer than the limit on the meter. The meter, however, must be fed the entire time. If the meter shows a violation, a parking citation shall be written. If the repairs will take longer than one day, meter placards must be obtained. Meter placards may be obtained from Development Services at (619) 446-5150.
5. Commercial vehicles - commercial vehicles may park in commercial loading (yellow) zones for the purpose of loading or unloading for 20 minutes.
Commercial vehicles involved in the transportation of passengers (i.e., taxi cabs and buses) are allowed only three minutes of active loading/unloading in commercial loading (yellow) zones. Officers may exercise discretion for noncommercial vehicles parked temporarily in loading zones, if they are actively engaged in loading or unloading large, heavy items.
E. Utility vehicles - utility vehicles, publicly or privately owned, are exempt from many parking regulations, providing:
1. The vehicles are required to complete the construction or repair;
2. The work being performed is upon, in, over, under or adjacent to the vehicle;
3. The vehicle is not creating an immediate hazard and the location of the work being performed is prominently displayed; and
4. There are warning devices displayed (i.e., cones, barricades with lights). Sections 22512 CVC and 81.06 SDMC specifically allow these exemptions.