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The largest and most important mineral family consists of the


The most commonly occurring type of metamorphic rocks are gneiss and


is the detailed knowledge of characteristics of different kinds of rock.


The ___ is the boundary between the crust and the mantle


The totality of materials ejected from a volcano, including liquid material, ashes, and dust is termed


Deformation of the Earth's crust is called


Volcanic activity that takes place deep under the crust is termed

flood basalts

Evidence of former surface volcanic activity is often found in the vast accumulations of lava called


The most massive form of igneous intrusion is a

divergent between oceanic plates

The plate boundaries which are ________ are likely to make island arcs.


What is the term for a piece of crust which has been in a collision along a convergent crustal boundary and become accreted to another crustal plate?

divergent plate boudaries

Hot, plastic material of the asthenosphere is most conspicuous at

divergent constructive

Which two terms are usually used to refer to the SAME plate boundary


Which of the following is NOT a form of tectonism?


Which of the following describes the vast majority of rock exposed on Earth's land surface?


Which of the following is NOT one of the principal categories of rock-forming minerals?


Which of the following represents the largest and most important group of rock-forming minerals? The bulk of the crust of the Earth is composed of these minerals.


is a internal proccess


These rock-forming minerals are light-colored or colorless. They are common components of sedimentary rock and frequently combine with oxygen.

roche moutonees

Hills rounded and sheared off by glacial erosion are called


Unsorted debris from ice sheets, after deposition, is known as


s granular snow which is beginning to coalesce into glacial ice


The most significant erosive work of glaciers is accomplished by

glacial flour

The main sediment type carried by streams in glacial regions is


A huge boulder resting on a completely different type of bedrock in glacial zones is a

basal slip

The movement of a glacier along its bottom, lubricated by meltwater, is known as


s compressed snow which might change into glacial ice.


Which of the following is a feature of mountain glaciation?


By the nature of its deposition, which of the following has the largest spatial extent (covers the most area)?


A weathering type associated with curved and concentric sets of joints that break away in successive layers is called


The general term signifying the overall lowering of the rock material on the Earth's crust is ________.


the rock debris which accumulates at the base of steep slopes by gravitational action is called ________.


The slowest and least perceptible form of mass wasting is ________.


Creep associated with animals and resembling a faint network of trails is called ________.

granular disintegration

Frost wedging is associated with ________ in coarse-grained rocks.


Which sort of rocks are most susceptible to hydrolysis?


Which of the following mass movements involves the greatest amount of water?


An inner segment of the Earth which is rigid, dense, and solid and lies directly beneath the Moho is called the ________.


When subjected to metamorphism, limestone usually becomes ________.


The thickest of Earth's interior layers is the ________.


________ is the detailed knowledge of characteristics of different kinds of rock.

rift valley

Which of the following is NOT a form of folding?


________ is an "internal" process.


Which earthquake wave type travels the slowest?

Solution Cavities

Which openings in rocks are associated with calcareous rocks?

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