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  1. -make up 25% of vegetation
    -Poaceae family
    -flower structure= inflorescence, perfect or imperfect
    -wind pollination
  2. -stolons (stems)
    -tubers (storage tips of rhizome)
    -bulb (underground stems)
    -corm (underground stem)
    -storage tap roots
    -tuberous roots
  3. -bean family Fabaceae
    -herbaceous dicots
    -source of protein
    -flowers are irregular
    -nitrogen fixers
    ~mutualistic association with rhizobium bacteria, forms root nodules
    ~rhizobium fixes nitrogen from air and turns into ammonia
    ~plant gives rhizobium carbs

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  1. caryopsis fruits (grasses)-simple, dry fruits
    -caryopsis fruits (grains)
    -edible grains (cereals)= wheat, corn, rice


  2. starchy staples-endosperm= triploid
    -embryo= germ
    -bran= outer layers of old fruit wall, the seed coat, and aleurone layer (digests starch)


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