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A science teacher is teaching a unit that includes a group of activities based on making small mechanical devices. Students are individually assigned to create a device using parts provided in class. When the students have nished making the devices to the teacher's satisfaction, the teacher writes the following assignment on the board and verbally goes over the instructions to ensure that the students understand them.
In-class written activity:
- Draft directions describing how to assemble the device you created in class.
- After drafting your directions, rewrite them so that they are neat and easy to read.
- Be sure the directions you write would be clear to another student who has no previous experience with your device.
- Your directions can be any format—for example, short sequential statements, a list of steps, descriptive paragraphs, etc.
The teacher instructs the students to use the feedback from their lab partners to improve and finalize their directions, put the directions in a formatted, word-processed document, and hand in the document at the next class. To most appropriately modify the assignment for beginning-level English-language learners (ELLs), the teacher should
(A) allow the ELLs to submit a series of pictures as a basis for explaining their directions
(B) have the ELLs use bilingual dictionaries when writing their directions
(C) ask the ELLs to explain their directions orally rather than submit them in writing
(D) reduce the number of directions that the ELLs are required to submit