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Whole Note
4 beats of sound
Whole Rest
4 beats of silence
Dotted Half Note
3 beats of sound
Half Note
2 beats of sound
Half Rest
2 beats of silence
Quarter Note
1 beat of sound
Quarter Rest
1 beat of silence
Single Eighth Note
1/2 beat of sound
Eighth Rest
1/2 beat of silence
Dotted Quarter Note
1 1/2 beats of sound
4/4 Time Signature
4 beats per measure
2/4 Time Signature
2 beats per measure
Single Sixteenth Note
1/4 beat of sound
Sixteenth Rest
1/4 beat of silence
3/4 Time Signature
3 beats per measure
A curved line that connects the heads of two notes together to create a longer sound (equal to both added together)