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A biodegradable polymer made by ICI


Genetic engineering aids the resistance of trees to

wood pulp

Genetically modified trees produce high yields of

micro organisms

A biodegradable polymer breaks down because of


The amount of land in the UK that is forested


A fully biodegradable plastic other than that manufactured by ICI

carbon neutral

PLA is this and so no greenhouse gases are emitted in its production


Genetically modified trees grow faster than non modified trees (true or false)

lignin fibres

Genetic engineering reduces the strength of what enabling a reduction in the amount of chemicals needed in the paper making process.

carbon dioxide

some biodegradable plastics give out what when biodegrading and therefore contribute to global warming


some biodegradable plastics are made through this process when sugar does what

Alcaligenes eutrophus

the name for bacteria of sugars

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