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What are major land forms in East Asia

Mountains, highlands, plateaus, slopes, and cliffs

What are some physical features of china

Himalayas, plateau of tibet. Deserts and mountains take up two thirds of china.

what are some physical features of japan

many volcanoes, including mt. fuji. many earthquakes. japan is an archipelago.

What are some physical features of the koreas

It is a giant peninsula that extends into the yellow sea between china and japan

Where is a lot of population.

many people make their homes along the coastlines.

a raised area of level land bordered on one or more sides by steep slopes or cliffs.


able to support plant growth


a group of islands


the average number of people living in a square mile or square kilometer

population density

what are five major climate regions in East Asia

semiarid, arid, humid subtropical, humid continental, highland. the less major ones are subarctic, and tropical wet

what is the climate in a large part of eastern china

humid subtropical

why are summers cooler and winters warmer in japan and the koreas?

they have water surrounding them.

what causes rainfall during summer monsoons in japan

the pacific winds blow northwest and pick up moisture front the ocean

why are typhoons so destructive

they have winds over 74 mph and they bring lots of rain

name 3 ways climate affects agriculture in east asia

what people can grow, how often people can grow, and how easily they can harvest

why must much of the plant life in East Asia be hardy

they have to stand seasonal differences in temperature

why is the huang river sometime called china's sorrow

it floods a lot and kills many people

what is the main crop in southern china? northern?

southern is rice and northern is wheat and flour

the japanese call the summer __________ the plum rain because it begins when the plums start to ripen


in 1281 a ________ destroyed the chinese fleet and saved the japanese from attack


maples and birches are examples of ___________ trees

deciduous trees

What are natural resources of North korea

coal, iron, gold, silver, tungsten, water for aquaculture

What are natural resources of South korea

tungsten, silver, graphite, water for aquaculure

What are natural resources of Japan

lead, coal, water, oil, lead, tungsten

What are natural resources of China

copper, tin, iron, coal, oil, water, nickel, tungsten, phosphates, lead, petroleum,

What are natural resources of Taiwan

Iron, water for aquaculture

a country that has low industrial production and little modern technology

developing country

a country with many industries and well developed economy

developed country

a level area in a hillside


to grow two or more crops on same land

double cropping

In what part of china is the plateau of tibet

the southwestern part of china

how are the landforms in eastern china different than the landforms in western china

in the east there are rivers and lowlands and in the west there are mountains and deserts

name one type of landform in china where there is high population

the plains and coastal plains have high population density

how does the physical geography of East asia help explain why the eastern china is the most densely populated area

there are many rivers and fertile soil for farming, so more people move there.

what kind of winters and summers are found in humid subtropical regions

cool winters and hot summers with plenty of rain

how does climate affect what people eat in china

you can only grow certain things in certain areas so if you live in the north, you wouldn't be able to have rice because it only grows in warm weather. instead you would have flour products because they can grow in colder climate

name three natural resources that can be used to produce energy in east asia

coal, oil, and water

which country has a larger supply of mineral resources, china or japan?


how could a country develop its economy without a large supply of mineral resources?

a country could export or trade for resources or make up for it by planting crops. also they could trade for nice stuff like cars or electronics

what 2 farming techniques do East Asian farmers use to make up for a shortage of land

double cropping and terrace farming

why would east asian farmers be interested in learning about faster growing crop.

then they could get more food because they would plant more often and harvest more often.

how much of North Korea can be cultivated?


how much of South Korea can be cultivated?


how much of Japan can be cultivated?


how much of China can be cultivated?


how much of Taiwan can be cultivated?


most asians live in _____ areas


a wind that changes direction with the season


what questions do countries ask when planning to build their economy?

what will be produced. how will it be produced. who will it be produced for.

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