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  1. agonists
  2. bioassays
  3. Guillemin and Schally
  4. in situ hybridization
  5. half-life of hormones in blood
  1. a time required for half of molecules to be inactivated or cleared from circulation (t1/2)
  2. b percise cellular location of RNA or DNA of interest, hybridization of labeled probe occurs within cell
  3. c discovered hypothalamic neurohormones that regulate anterior pituitary gland thyrotopin releasing hormone TRH, suggested a link between hormones and light
  4. d mimic action of hormones, diethylstilbestrol (DES), an estradiol (E) agonist
  5. e study of hormonal action in living systems

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  1. sweet
  2. discovered the first hormone, secretin, done with dogs, cutting the nervous system to the stomach to prevent any interaction then placed acid in the stomach and saw hormone projection from the pancreas
  3. classic method removal and replacement
  4. transported in blood bound to plasma proteins
  5. method that uses radioactive labeling to determine anatomical location of hormones

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  1. neurosecreory neuronschemical messengers that stimulate or inhibit responses of neurons to neurotransmitters


  2. human growth hormonechinese discovered goiters due to enlarged thyroid gland, suggested seaweed to help iodine levels


  3. synergistic effectrecognized that if you remove the testis from male animals they do not develop the same way as normals


  4. antisense oligonucleotidesisolated extract of insulin from dog pancreas and was able to treat diabetes mellitus 1 with pancreantic islet extract


  5. c-fos proteinsteroids with feminizing effects