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  1. Banting and Best
  2. tyrosine kinase-associate receptor
  3. friedman test
  4. Brown-Sequard
  5. heterospecific down regulation
  1. a thyroxine decreases thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptors
  2. b isolated extract of insulin from dog pancreas and was able to treat diabetes mellitus 1 with pancreantic islet extract
  3. c self-administered aqueous extract of dog and guinea pig testies
  4. d tyrosine kinase not part of receptor instead non covalent associated, hormone binding causes formation of dimeric receptor that activates tyrosine kinase in cytoplasm, receptor for GH, prolactin, erythropoietin, cytokines such as interferons
  5. e rabbit test for human chronic gonadotropin (hCG), urine from women suspected for being pregnant injected into female rabbit, if woman is pregnant, hCG stimulates rabbit ovaries to form corpora lutca, antibody test for hCG now used

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  1. sweet
  2. gene introduction from one species to another, rat GH gene transferred to mice
  3. affects conspecifics, intra-specific effects
  4. lowers concentration of glucose in blood
  5. intrauterin devises increase PGF2 alpha

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  1. prostaglandinsaffect smooth muscle activity, increased PGF2alpha: contractions, increased PGE2: relaxation


  2. heterospecific up regulationprolactin increases prolactin receptors


  3. calcitoninhelps to regulate calcium if there is to much in the system made by perafolicular cells in pancreaus


  4. glucocorticoidschemical messengers produced by neurosecretory neurons that are transported via the blood to garget cells


  5. diabetiesintrauterin devises increase PGF2 alpha


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