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  1. mellitus
  2. thromboxanes
  3. deactivation of G protein signal transduction pathway
  4. monoclonal antibodies
  5. thyrotropin releasing hormone
  1. a alpha-GTP termed a GTP-switch protein because of its intrinsic GRPase activity, cholera toxin inhibits off reaction
  2. b antibodies produced from hybridomas
  3. c single chain polypeptide hormone with 3 amino acids
  4. d stimulate blood platelet aggregation, synthesized by blood platelets, clotting stimuli such as thrombin stimulate synthesis, increase free Ca2+ and change platelet shape
  5. e sweet

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  1. antibody-based procedure for visualizing location of substance, antibody to substance of interest conjugated to a fluorescent dye or enzyme
  2. living organizms have an internal state that has to be kept in balance
  3. injection of double stranded RNA to silence specific genes by interfering with their mRNA, dsRNA digested by enzyme to small interfering RNAs (siRNAs)
  4. effect of two or more hormones acting together greater than sum of their individual effects
  5. discovery of the second messenger cAMP

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  1. insulinintrauterin devises increase PGF2 alpha


  2. releaser pheromonesrapid effects


  3. neurohormoneschemical messengers produced by neurosecretory neurons that are transported via the blood to garget cells


  4. in situ hybridizationuse of chemicals or drugs to destroy endocrine function, alloxan or streptozotocin to destroy beta cells o islets of langerhands


  5. glucagonraises the concentration of glucose in the blood