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  1. leukotrines
  2. monoclonal antibodies
  3. diabeties
  4. antagonists
  5. bernard
  1. a antibodies produced from hybridomas
  2. b run though
  3. c inhibit action of hormones, tamoxifen, and E antagonist in breat tissue
  4. d increase smooth-muscle contraction, blood vessel permeability, and mucosus secretion in airways, synthesized and released by leukocytes, components of inflamatory response
  5. e living organizms have an internal state that has to be kept in balance

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  1. a duct gland that releases a hormone or hormones
  2. hormones consisting of amino acids that are joined by peptide bonds, may be stored prior to release, released phasicly, transported free in blood
  3. affect other species, inter-specific effects
  4. antibody-based procedure for visualizing location of substance, antibody to substance of interest conjugated to a fluorescent dye or enzyme
  5. discovered hypothalamic neurohormones that regulate anterior pituitary gland thyrotopin releasing hormone TRH, suggested a link between hormones and light

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  1. cyclic guanosine monophosphate cGMP 2nd messengertransmembrane form as well as soluble form of gyanylate cyclase, cGMP inactivated by cGMP phosphodiesterase


  2. dysmenorrheaaffect other species, inter-specific effects


  3. friedman testdetermine whether particular nucleic acid or protein present, tissue homogenized and cells lysed with detergent homogenate placed on introcellulose filter, filter incubated with labeled complementary nucleic acid or protein antibody


  4. homospecific down regulationthyroxine decreases thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptors


  5. activation G protein signal transduction pathwayalpha-GTP activates enzymes, opens ion channels, activation of enzymes and opening of ion channels generates second messengers, pertussis toxin inhibits on reaction only for Gi