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  1. oxytocin
  2. receptor with guanylate cyclase activty
  3. half-life of hormones in blood
  4. radioimmunoassay
  5. permissive effect
  1. a guanylate cyclase part of receptor, receptor for atrial natriuretic factor (ANF)
  2. b curves are inverse, the higher the viral count the lower the testosterone levels
  3. c time required for half of molecules to be inactivated or cleared from circulation (t1/2)
  4. d single chain with a ring
  5. e one hormone must be present for another hormone to act (thyroxine required for GH induced brain growth)

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  1. inhibit action of hormones, tamoxifen, and E antagonist in breat tissue
  2. living organizms have an internal state that has to be kept in balance
  3. chemical messengers produced by neurosecretory neurons that are transported via the blood to garget cells
  4. determine whether particular nucleic acid or protein present, tissue homogenized and cells lysed with detergent homogenate placed on introcellulose filter, filter incubated with labeled complementary nucleic acid or protein antibody
  5. sweet

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  1. pigeon crop assays for prolactinepithelial cell height positively correlated with PRL levels, determine PRL levels using dose-response curve


  2. toad bladder/frog skin response to arginine vasopressin (AVP)use to study mechanism of action of AVP on movement of water across membranes


  3. antisense oligonucleotidesa method to inactivate specific mRNAs


  4. hybridomasformed by cellular fusion of a beta lymphocyte and a myeloma, large amounts of specific antibodies obtained from hybridomas


  5. thyrotropin releasing hormonetransported in blood bound to plasma proteins


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