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Marbury v. Madison
What case was between William Marbury and James Madison. President Adams leaves office and tries to fill judge positions with Federalists. President TJ refuses to give William Marbury the job he was promised. William Marbury takes his case to court arguing that the court must order James Madison to give him the court. (Judiciary Act of 1789). John Marshall reviews the case and declares it unconstitutional and established judicial review.
McCulloch v. Maryland
What court case was about the bank of the United States? Maryland attempted to restrict the power of the bank by passing a law that stated that a stamp tax was needed on all notes given out by banks. The court decided that congress did have the constitutional power to create a nationally charted bank. However, it was was unconstitutional for Maryland to tax a national bank charted by congress. States can ONLY tax their OWN people and property.
Gibbons v. Ogden
What cause was about a steamboat operating system between New York and New Jersey? This case was between two men Gibbons- Federal license & Ogden-State license. The issue was what the interstate commerce clause meant. John Marshall ruled in favor of Gibbons, saying that the federal law is the supreme law of the land.
Commerce Clause
(ASK) what clause in the constitution states that congress has the power to control commerce with foreign nations, among several states, and with Indian tribes?
Aaron Burr
(ASK) who was the man who Alexander Hamilton called a "dangerous man?" He and Thomas Jefferson were tied for president, but Alexander Hamilton urged a federalist to vote for Thomas Jefferson because he didn't like _______ _______.
William Marbury
Who was the man who was supposed to be a judge, appointed by John Adams, but never received his commission. He. Later sued in federal court, seeking his commission to be a judge, but was denied.
James Madison
Who was the Secretary of State who did not deliver the commissions because Thomas Jefferson didn't want him to
Judicial Review
What is the courts unique ability to to interpret the constitution?. John Marshall established this in the Marbury v. Madison case
John Marshall
Who was the Chief Justice who decided on all of the cases. This man's beliefs tended to favor the national government, and his court rulings showed this
Midnight Judges
Who were the 12 _________ _________, appointed by John Adams at midnight, his last day in office, to be federal judges. However, John Adams didn't send out the commissions in time, so these people never became judges,
John Adams
Who was the man who was the second president. He was a Federalist. He appointed 12 midnight judges, but they never became judges because the commissions were not sent out in time.
Thomas Jefferson
Who was the third president. He was a Democratic Republican. He did not want the commissions to be sent out to the judges appointed by John Adams because they were all federalist, his opposite party (ADD MORE)
Napoleon Bonaparte
Who was the leader of France who hoped to use Santo Domingo as a Caribbean naval base which he could control an American empire. A revolted ended his dreams of a western empire. In 1802, Napoleon tried again but was unsuccessful and was driven out in 1804. He sold Thomas Jefferson the lousisna territory
Who was an important leader of the Haïtian Revolution and the first leader of a free Haiti; in a long struggle again the institution of slavery, he led the blacks to victory over the whites and free coloreds and secured native control over the colony in 1797, calling himself a dictator.
Meriwether Lewis
Who was an Army captain appointed by President Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Territory and lands west to the Pacific Ocean
William Clark
Who was A skilled mapmaker and outdoorsman chosen to explore the Louisiana Territory
Louisiana Purchase
1803 purchase of the Louisiana territory from France. Made by Jefferson, this doubled the size of the US.
Missouri River
What River did Lewis and Clark start on to go to the town of St. Charles; They used this River as their highway through the unknown lands.
Fort Mandan
What was the Fort erected by Corps of Discovery before the winter of 1804-05 which became North Dakota? Here, they spent the summer of 1805 preparing for the next spring. This is where Jean Baptiste was Born.
Corps of Discovery
What was the Official name of the Lewis and Clark Expedition members

Located in Virgina
(ASK) 1781; last battle of the revolution; Benedict Arnold, Cornwallis and Washington; colonists won because British were surrounded and they surrended
A Shoshone woman whose language skills and knowledge of geography helped Lewis and Clark
Jean Baptise (Pomp)
Who was Sacajawea's son who she carried was carried on her back the whole journey. He was later adopted by William Clark
Northwest passage
A water route from the Atlantic to the Pacific through northern Canada and along the northern coast of Alaska. Sought by navigators since the 16th century.
Shoshone Indians
A native american tribe who sacajawea belonged to. They gave the company horses and other supplies they needed.
Fort Clatsop
What was the name of the last fort built by Lewis and Clark, in Oregon
Conestoga Wagon
What is a sturdy vehicle topped with white canvas and used by pioneers to move west
Zebulon pike
Who was another explorer sent by TJ to explore wilderness? He led two expeditions. He found snowcap mountain, and named it grand peak (in colorado). Grand peak is pikes peak. He traveled through upper Mississippi River valley and into region which is now Colorado. Pike's account of his expeditions gave Americans their first detailed description of the great plains and the Rocky Mountains
In Colorado
Where is pikes peak located?
Alexander Hamilton
1789-1795; First Secretary of the Treasury. He advocated creation of a national bank, assumption of state debts by the federal government, and a tariff system to pay off the national debt.
"The Duel"
Burr tied for president with Jefferson, wanted Hamilton to convince Congress to vote for him, Hamilton did not like Burr so he convinced them to vote for Jefferson, Burr was angry he lost and challenged Hamilton to a pistol duel in 1804 but fired at the wrong time and killed Hamilton
Washington Irving
Who was the American writer remembered for the stories "Rip Van Winkle" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," contained in The Sketch Book (1819-1820).
James Fenimore Cooper
United States novelist noted for his stories of Indians and the frontier life
John Marshall
He is from Virginia
Who created the powers of the Supreme Court? Where is he from?
The primary goal of the mission was to find a water route to the Pacific Ocean, and to find the Northwest Passage.
What was the primary goal of Lewis and Clark's expedition?
To create an accurate map of the west
What was Clarks main responsibility on the trip
They stayed with the Mandan tribe
With what tribe did Lewis and Clark spend The winter of 1804 with
They had to carry their necessary things and walk 17 miles through tough terrain
What did Lewis and Clark do when they faced the Great Falls of Missouri?
What important items did the Shoshoni Indians provide?
The Shoshoni Chief and the Native American guide for Lewis and Clark, Sacajawea, we're siblings. He was Sacajawea's brother.
What was the relationship between the chief of the Shoshoni and the Native
American guide for Lewis and Clark?
Fort Clastlop, it is in present day Washington
What was the name of the 1805 winter encampment? Where is it located in present day?
After the expedition, Meriwhether Lewis became the governor of Louisiana Territory. He later became depressed and committed suicude.
What happened to Meriwether Lewis after the expedition?
After the expedition, William Clark drew maps that would guide new pioneers. He became the governor of the Missouri Territory. He was a father of 10 children, naming his first after Meriwether Lewis. William Clark adopted Sacajawea's son Jean Baptiste.
What happened to William Clark after the expedition?
Sacajawea stayed behind with her family after the expedition, in the Mandan tribe where they originally found her.
What happened to Sacagawea after the expedition?
Who established Judicial review in the Marbury v. Madison case
John Marshall
1.) running for senate: Burrs father vs. Hamilton
2.) election of 1800: Burr vs. TJ, Hamilton gets a man to vote for TJ on 36th Ballot
3) Burr going to run for New York Governor as a federalist but Hamilton tells everyone not to vote for him, so Burr runs as an independent. Hamilton publishes horrible things in newspaper about Burr which ruins his reputation. Burr loses
4.) "The Duel" Hamilton is killed by Aaron Burr
What are the four clashes between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton
Laissez Faire
What is the term that means, "let people do as they choose?" Jefferson believed this
Where is John Marshall from?
Where is Thomas Jefferson from?
House of Representatives
The 1800 election was a tie and went to the ________ ______ _______.
New York
Where is Alexander Hamilton from?
New York
Where is Aaron Burr from?
New Jersey
Where does the duel take place?