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  1. Elements that are poor conductors of heat and electricity.
  2. The average mass of all the known isotopes of an element, expressed in amu.
  3. A material that allows electricity to flow through easily.
  4. An alloy of iron and carbon.
  5. Elements in the first group of the periodic table.

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  1. Periodic tableThe repeating pattern of chemical and physical properties of the elements.


  2. GroupElements that are typically shiny and good conductors of heat and electricity.


  3. PeriodA column of the periodic table.


  4. Atomic mass unitA unit of mass equal to 1.66 * 10^-24 grams, which is one twelfth the mass of the isotope carbon-12.


  5. Chemical propertiesCharacteristics of matter that can only observed when one substances changes into a different substance, such as iron into rust.