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These flashcards are on Chapter 4 in Prentice Hall Science Exlorer Human Biology and Health on Respiration and Excretion. Hope they can be of use to you!!!! :0 :D :p :) -WhitneyThomas586


a physical dependence on a substance


a stimulant drug in tobacco that increases the activities of the nervous system,heart, and other organs


the passages that direct air into the lungs


the process by which wastes are removed from the body


the throat; part of both the respiratory and digestive systems


tiny hairlike extensions that move together in a sweeping motion


the main organs of the respiatory system


an irritation of the breathing passages in which small passages become narrower than normal and may be clogged with mucus.


a watery fluid produced by the kidneys that contain urea and other wastes

vocal cords

folds of connectice tissue that stretch across the opening of the larynx and produce a person's voice.


a large, dome shaped muscle that plays and important role in breathing


the process in which oxygen and glucose undergo a complex series of chemical reactions inside cells; also called cellular respiration


a dark, sticky substance that forms when tobacco burns


tiny sacs of lung tissue specialized for movement of gases between air and blood

carbon monoxide

a colorless, odorless gas produced when substances-including tobacco-are burned


a chemical that comes from the breakdown of proteins


a major organ of the excretory system which removes urea and other wastes from the blood


the windpipe; a passage through which air moves in the respiratory system`


small filtering structure found in the kidneys that removes wastes from blood and produces urine


a narrow tube that carries urine from one of the kidneys to the urinary bladder


a serious disease that destroys lung tissue and causes breathing difficulties


the voice box; located in the top part of the trachea, underneath the epiglottis

urinary bladder

a sacklike muscular organ that stores urine until it is eliminated from the body


a small tube through which urine flows from the body

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