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Chapter 13

All of the following are changes that are reshaping our workforce EXCEPT

younger workforce

The average U.S. worker, today, is ____ than ever.


Which of the following group is expected to grow the most in employment from 2008 to 2018?


____ is defined as all the ways in which people differ.


According to MANAGER'S SHOPTALK in chapter 13, which of the following is not a characteristic used to help foreign managers understand Americans?

Americans are formal

Traditional model dimensions of diversity include


Inclusive dimensions of diversity include

Pay level
Work style

All of the following are traditional model dimensions of diversity EXCEPT

Religious beliefs

All of these are inclusive dimensions of diversity EXCEPT

Sexual Orientation

Inclusive dimensions of diversity

Can change throughout one's lifetime

Which of the following is not a dividend of workplace diversity?

Increased costs associated with high turnover, absenteeism, and lawsuits.

____ means creating a climate in which the potential advantages of diversity for organizational or group performance are maximized while the potential disadvantages are minimized.

Managing diversity

Which of the following prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, and sex?

Title VII of the civil rights act of 1964

____ is a rigid, exaggerated, irrational belief associated with a particular group of people.


____ is a psychological experience of a person who, usually engaged in a task, is aware of a stereotype about his or her identity group suggesting he or she will not perform well on that task.

Stereotype threat

____ reflects the belief that one's own group is superior to other groups.


An ethnocentric perspective leads to

a monoculture

Phlex Plastic has a very strong set of corporate values. In fact, Phlex has been known to discourage the emergence of alternative values. Phlex is most likely

a monoculture

____ is the belief that groups are inherently equal.


Which of the following means that an organization accommodates several subcultures?


A culture that accepts only one way of doing things and one set of values and beliefs is referred to as a(n)


Most organizations ____ shift from a monoculture perspective to one of pluralism.

Must make a conscious effort to

Which of the following is an invisible barrier that separates women and minorities from top management positions?

The glass ceiling

Women make up less than 16 percent of all Fortune 500 executives. This could be due to

the glass ceiling

Trouser's Inc. top management is exclusively made up of older white males. Trouser's promotes from within and top management is most comfortable with individuals who are similar to them. Women and minorities at this company who wish to be promoted are likely to experience

the glass ceiling effect

____ serves as invisible barriers to important lateral movement within the organization.

The glass wall

____ implies that women's commitment to their children limits their commitment to the company or their ability to handle the rigors of corporate management.

Opt-out trend

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