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test 3

Describe the colonial population after the Seven Year's War

-Population continued to grow approx. 2.5 million people, black, white, were living in Great Britain's thirteen colonies.
- The population was young; nearly 60% of the American people were under the age of 21.

Discuss King George III's governing style

- He was imposing decisions on the leading Parliament rather than governing through them
- George III destroyed the relationship that George II left (accepted a situation to where whigs in Parliament did not meddle with his army)
- he let unwanted taxes to the colonists were coming not from King George III himself, but rather Parliament
- George III attempted to reestablish personal Stuart monarchy free from traditional constitutional restraints

Name the concept that was at the heart of the Imperial/colonial struggle

-Parliamentary sovereignty couldn't see the view from the other side.

Explain the differences between British & colonial views on representation

- British: Americans were represented, virtually.
- Colonial: Unfair for parliament to tax us

Discuss the outstanding legacy of the Seven Year's


7. Describe colonial reaction to the Stamp Act

- To sell things you had to have a stamp act
- Reaction elective assembly's electing the act
- Resistance spreads to the people

6. List George Grenville's legislative program.

- Colonist should help maintain the army
- The sugar act was pay tax on sugar, attempt to tax colonist

Describe the intent & results of the Townshend Program

- Intent:
* Raise revenue from the colonist & Have money to pay British officials in America.
* Boycott of British goods by the common men
* Massachuset elected assembly send a communication to the other colonies suggested way to deal
* Circular letter for intercommunication among the colony convince the colonist of the righteousness of their position.

Describe the origins & results of the Boston Massacre

* British transfer troop to Boston for less expenses.
* Troops are in contact with the Bostonians
* Some of the soldiers kill 5 colonists
* Intense reaction by the colonist
* British official move the troops out of Boston
* Townshend duty were repelled
* Tax on tea was retained.
* Colonists drown back

Describe the origins & results of the Boston Tea Party


RESULTS - The English govt enacted a series of laws to punish Massachusetts colonist for what they did:
* They lose the Boston port
* They said that the upper house of Massa elected the assembly; no more town meeting more than once a year; no British official to be trial in the colony.
* Army can take whatever they want

Describe the American response to the Intolerable Acts

- * The committee of correspondence has been established
* A congress does meet, lot of representatives
* Eventually, they do pass resolutions
* they created an agreement - inter-colonial
They authorized a network of committee to enforced that agreement.

Name the location of the first battle of the American Revolution

-paul revere?
Lexington and Concord (eastern Massachusetts)

Discuss the accomplishments of the Second Continental Congress

>They pointed George Washington as the commander of the army(he is from Virginia)
> Issued the declaration of the Independence

13. List the advantages & disadvantages of both the Americans & British in the Revolution

- Advantages
British: much longer population; Very strong manufacturing; well-trained regular army
British: train a large army; avoid general action

Explain Washington's military strategy in the American Revolution

- Strategy; train an army

Describe the British military strategy in 1776

- Move the World
- Cutting off New England
- Defeat the continent army in a conventional manner.
- A Gorilla war developed btwn patrolist & loyalist
- the leader of the British Army blunder screw up
-When the battle occurred, the French enabled the Americans to carry the day

Describe the British military strategy in 1777

- British with addition effective by sessions, the Hudson river valley by preventing Over land people

Describe the short-term & long-term results of the Battle of Saratoga

- 58 000 soldiers cutting on New England fails
long term: convince the French & British strong troops
French declare war on British immediately after they declared that British had to send ships back to protect homeland.

Evaluate the British military southern strategy

- The loyalist becomes night bandit. so a guerilla war established

List the results of the Treaty of Paris of 1783

- Independance for the US
* Agreement that Mississippi river & Appalachia Mountain go to Americans
* Congress agrees that they will help get back

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