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Tu as vu

Did you see...



Tu connais la dernière

Have you heard the latest?

Tu es au courant de

Are you aware of

Tu sais quoi?

Do you know what?

Fais voir!

Let me see!


Show me!

Non, raconte!

no, tell me!

Non, je t'écoute

no, I'm listening to you!

Qu'est-ce qui s'est passé?

What happened?

Je suis sûr(e) que

I am sure that (certainty)

Je suis certain(e) que

I am sure that (certainty)

Il/Elle est persuadé(e) que

He/She is convinced that (certainty)

Il me semble que

It seems to me that (doubt)

Il se peut/est possible que

It's possible that (doubt)

Il paraît que

It seems that (doubt)

Ça m'étonnerait que

It would surprise me if (doubt)

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