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Characteristics of Byzantine Art

Serene, unrealistic, clothing, RELIGIOUS


First Byzantine Emperor


Culture that places little emphasis to human achievements but devotion to the gods


Justinian's general; recovers lost Western Roman Empire from Germanic tribes


Claimed to be the head of the Roman Empire, Emperor during the golden age

Code of Justinian

Served the empire for 900 years; cleared up confusion regarding old and new Roman laws

Achievements of Justinian

Built Public Works:
Hagia Sophia- largest church in the Christian World at the time
Hippodrome- chariot racing and circus acts
Crushed Rebellions and Restored Stability:
Nika Rebellion

The Great Schism

The permanent division of Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox Christianity


Leading bishop of the east, answers to Emperor, first among equals


Icon breakers


Church outcast

Byzantine Influence on Slavs

Eastern Orthodox Christianity; Cyrillic alphabet

Roman Catholicism

Mass is in Latin, divorce not allowed, priests must be celibate, popes claim spiritual authority overrides temporal(emperor)


Leader, without equal

Eastern Orthodox

Mass in vernacular, divorce allowed in certain circumstances, priests can marry, emperor has authority over patriarch

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