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character in Greek mythology who was punished and sent to Tartarus. His punishmnet was to be bound to a revolving wheel forever


a character who was carried off to Mount Olympus to be a cup bearer to the gods


a Greek character condemned to forever roll a stone up a hill in the lower world. He violated the laws of hospitality by murdering travelers and guests. The maddening nature of his punishment was reserved for him due to his huberistic belief that his cleverness overpassed Zeus


son of Zeus most famous of the Greek heroes- Latin name Hercules


son of Gaea of Uranus leader of the Titans and the early ruler of the universe- father of Zeus


by Georges Bizet- one of the most popular operas of all time. Carmen is an audacious gypsy who works in a cigarette factory in 1820 Seville, Spain. The Toreador Song, The Habenero- the oveture has a dangerous motife

La Boehem

a play by Giacomo Puccini-takes place in the Latin part of Paris in 1830. The main characters are Mimi- seamstress, Rodolpho- painter. They fall in love, break up, she gets tuberculosis and tragically dies when they are singing at the end of the play

Orpheus and Euridice

by Christoph Willibald Gluck- It's about Greece and the Underworld. It's considered the oldest opera. Euridyce was bitten on the ankle by a poisonous snake. Orpheus pleads with the Furies to get Euridyce from the Underworld. They agreed on one condition that he not look back but he does and looses Euridyce.

Cosi Fan Tutte

by Mozart- opera that takes place in Naples, Italy. In English it means so do they all or women are like that. A bachelor, Don Alfonso, makes a bet with two naval officers that when they sail away their girlfriends will forget them. They go off and come back in disguise and court with them.

Thomas the Apostle

Didymus means twin- one of the 12. Best known for requiring physical proof of Jesus' Resurrection, but he's also the first person to explicitly acknowledge Jesus' divinity saying, "My Lord and my God."

Thomas Moore

a states man and a scholar of the 16th century who was beheaded in 1535 because he refused to acknowledge Henry the 8th as the head of the Christian Church in England

Thomas Aquinas

wrote the Suma Theologica. It means the sum of our religion and he left it unfinsihed in 1273. He was educated by the Benidicitans at Monte Cassino. He joined the Dominican order. His emblem is a star. He was called the dumb ox in school. He's the patron saint of Catholic schools.

Thomas Becket

a bishop and a martyr and a very good friend of Henry the II. He was appointed the archbishop of Canterbury, but he and the king quarreled over jurisdicition of church and state. Four knights who thought 9they were doing what the king wanted by murdering him in a catherdral in 1173

Thomas a'Kempis

wrote a book called The Imitation of Christ first Christian literature. It was simple language.




a flat bottomed plank dugout boat used for trapping hunting and fishing frequently made of cypress which originated in the Caribbean and moved north to us


a bread-like coffee cake

Lache pas la patate

literally means don't drop the potato. Figuratively means don't give up


a small pouch of perfume

Poet Laureate

the National Poet- their job is to compose official poetry for public occasion. In Britain they composed some for the Queen's birthday. Some famous laureates have been Chaucer, Wordsworth, and Tennyson


character from the novel Robinson Crusoe. Crusoe is ship-wrecked on a desert island and Friday, an island native, helps him survive. He's named Friday because that's Crusoe found him.

Scarlet O'Hara

the heroine in "Gone with the Wind". She's a shrewd southern bell who survives two husbands during the CW and is matched of wits with Rhett Butler


Latin for unconquered. A late 19th century poem. The speaker proclaims his strength in the face of advesary. "My head is bloody, but unbowed, I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul."

William Faulkner

American 20th century author works most set in the South. His most famous book is The Sound of Fury. It has a connection to Ole Miss- He's from there, he donated his family to the university.

Faux pas

French for a false step, a blunder especially a social one


a mischievious spirit to blame your problems on


A remote town in Western Africa. It's used to refer to a place far away

Fish or cut bait

To make a decision


an opera by Wagner. It's his last work. They call it his Swan Song. He wrote in 1882. Parsifal's the son of a knight who's involved in the search for the Holy Grail

Pater Noster

san English it's the Our Father

The Ring of Nibelung

the Ring is a series of four operas based on stories from Norse mythology. The central story of the Ring is that of Sigfried and Prunnhilde. The Valkryies-Wotan

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