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WORD Lesson 2 Correspondence


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The blank space around the edges of a page.
Page Orientation
Portrait(8.5x11) or Landscape(11x8.5)
Quick Parts
Allows saving and inserting of frequently used text and graphics. Located on the INSERT tab.
The layout of a letter
Business Letter
Printed on a Letterhead
Block Format
All parts of the document align at the left.
A heading or pre-printed piece of stationary that includes contact information and logos.
Symbol, saying, or picture that represents a business or company.
Enclosure Notation
Indicates when something additional is included in the envelope.
Delivery Address
Indicates to whom the letter is going. Same as the letter inside address.
Return Address
Address of the sender.
Personal Business Letter
Printed on a plain sheet of paper. Contains the sender's return address above the dateline.
A document that contains formatting, pictures, or text which may be reused to create new documents.
Boxes that identify the placement and location of text and contains preset formats.
A summary of your background and qualifications and is used to gain employment.
Cover Letter
Usually sent with a resume to provide a quick summary of what you have to offer a prospective employer.
Memorandum (memo)
Interoffice communication for business.
In reference to: or in place of subject.
Courtesy Copy
Used in letter spacing - represents a quadruple space.
Used in letter spacing - represents a double space.
Open punctuation
Uses no punctuation following the salutation and complimentary close.
Mixed punctuation
Uses a colon after the salutation and a comma after the complimentary close.
Modified Block Format
Letter format where the dateline and closing lines are tabbed to the center point.